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We recently decided to try a tabletop minis wargame. We went with PP's Warmahordes for a number of reasons (Warlord was a likely contender until we got to the "how many people nearby play this game?" part of the pro/con list). For my army, I'm going with Legion of Everblight, in large part because I like the minis best (and the warbeasts will make nice monsters in my D&D campaign!). This shepherd is the first mini I painted up for the army, and served as the guinea pig for skin, eye treatment, etc., for the rest of the army.


I'm pretty pleased with the skin color, and I was able to knock it out in a hurry. The whole mini is about 6 hours of work, which is approaching short enough to be reasonable given the "lots of little shooty guys" approach of my army. I figure, if I can manage to do two or three minis in that span of time, assembly-lining them, to about this quality, I'll be doing well. Heh.


My big question, aside from my usual hopes for critiques from all and sundry, is about the eyes: I'm very happy with the red liner, but I'm torn about the pupil-less approach. On the one hand, it looks kinda cool and reflects the soul-sapped nature of these blighted elfy folk; on the other, it could just be laziness on my part, not wanting to dot every eye in a 35-pt army. What do you all think?




Thanks as always!

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Not only does the skin look nice so do the feathers and the metal work. Very nice for 6 hours. If there was one thing I would point out that could be improved for the future army, and this could just be caused by the photo, is it doesn't look like your skin has as much shading as it should. Just seams a little off in a few places (chest and face).


As to your eyes question if it's for artistic reasons, as you said liking the look as it adds something to the feel of the miniature, it's never lazy. So go for it.

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Very nice warm and obscure plate-armour! Love the skintones and the red effect on the feathers!

I also like the simple but very effective base, with subtile use of grass and snow.


I'm not fond of the markings on the baserim though, I think they may create some sort of disturbance into the whole picture, while the mini is excellently painted.

Are those markings for game-reasons?


For the eye, I'd go with MonkeySloth, go for it! You'll never regret making mini's look better if you can! (I have to remind myself to this from time to time, and usually I turn out... lazy myself ;) )

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Thanks, guys! I just painted a bunch of eyes for a unit of archers last night, and I pretty much like the pupil-less-ness on them. And if it makes my life easier to boot, then it seems like a good plan! ::P:


MonkeySloth: you're right that the shadows on her face and chest aren't as deep as they might be. I'm calling this one done, but for future army pieces I'll need to pay closer attention to things (like, I dunno, hoods, maybe?) that create deeper shadows than normal. Also, I just read your ice-base tutorial...really cool, and I may be putting it to use for some of the character pieces in this army at some point.


Brewer: Thanks for the compliments. The bases for this army are nice and simple, but I like them so far...it'll really be coherent between all the units. As for the base markings, I'm still toying with how I want to do them, but it's necessary to delineate facing for Hordes. The diamond is directly in front, and the line and two triangles show the 180-degree front arc of her sight.

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