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Mousling Knight

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Hello again everyone! Well, it's been a full month since ReaperCon now, and I was ready to give things a shot again. I had all kinds of stuff to practice after my classes, and this model was nice and un-intimidating to practice on. However, I still definitely wanted him to turn out well as he is the first in a trio of Mousling that I am painting for a few of my co-workers (who were nice enough to take an interest in my rather "strange" hobby :;): )


So, first things first: John Bonnot, I hate you!!! (Just kidding :;): You see, I had John's "How Not to Suck" class at ReaperCon, and he was teasing about how we will end up hating him once we start running into difficulties with using the techniques he was teaching us.) I've been priming black for years now and never had to learn how to line my miniatures, so you can all imagine how well that went the first time I gave it a shot...


Mr. Proctor's class on "Shaded Metallics" came into usage in a big way with this little guy, but, while I definitely feel like I made some headway, I still have a lot of practicing to do. I couldn't quite get those highlights to work the way I wanted them too...


And then we certainly can't forget Rhonda Bender's class on "Blending with Layering!" This was the area that I felt like I did the best in. My transitions are not perfect, but they are much better than they have been, and I'm confident that I could bring up the quality even more if I spent a bit more time on things.


Once again, thanks so much to all of my teachers! And thanks to everyone for looking! Please let me know what you think!




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Not bad. I think the reason why the highlights don't work is you didn't bring the shading down enough. Which, to be honest, is really the only way to get good highlights with metal. If you look at the helmet in the first picture you'll see the best highlight you did--in the photo at least--and if you look at your shade as more the base you'll see there's room for some more shading which will push your highlights to stand out more.


I think this is good for a start and with practice you'll get much better. Also remember, as we were talking about months ago in my WIP thread, you'll want to add some color to the metal shading such as purples\reds, blues or greens for your white metals and for the non-whites I'd suggest browns, purples and really dark browns.

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Thanks everyone!


@Inarah: I was trying to use a little new-found color-theory knowledge by giving the fur a red tint to contrast well with the green and I'm glad it worked out! ::):


@MonkeySloth: I think you're absolutely right; I needed to extend some of my shadows further and make them darker. Funny, that's the same mistake I was making in the class, but I still couldn't see it on this guy till you pointed it out.


@Captain jOE: Yeah, it'll be a while before I feel like I can pull off the darklining without fear of making a mistake... Oh well, we'll get this, right?

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