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Sculpey Rock Base Progress

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I wanted to mark my progress on sculpting a rock base in case I made mistakes so I could go back. I thought I'd go ahead and put it up in case it could help anyone else. =)



I had a succubus I wanted to stand on a rocky outcropping. So I started with an aluminum foil core with a slablike overhang. I began wrapping the core in 1/4" rolled sculpey sheets.



Shown above is the rough start to some rocks and the basic form of the outcropping. I wanted it to resemble volcanic slate with a lot of shear.



Most of the rest of the process involves carving with wooden tools to get the natural striation that worn slate slabs might have. I also had to decide placement of the figure before proceeding, to determine balance.



The figure before baking. I added flanges of boulders to its base for balance and support, and carved out finer details. I ignored fingerprints and rough edges as added texture. I also removed the succubus from her base and planted her feet in the soft clay for an indent before baking.



The finished product after painting is shown here. Although I sculpted for slate which would be grays and blacks, I changed to browns later for color continuity with the succubus. I played a bit with static grass, but I need more practice. I was happy with how the outcropping turned out.



I hope this is useful to anyone who might want to sculpt rocks or is just checking out techniques. Thanks for looking!

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