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of course they have all 33 colors listed there, I only posted the first in the list.


cher ^_^

Blue Black 1/2oz $2.99

Twilight Blue 1/2oz $2.99

Snowshadow 1/2oz $2.99

Nightshade Purple 1/2oz $2.99

Imperial Purple 1/2oz $2.99

Amethyst Purple 1/2oz $2.99

Burgundy Wine 1/2oz $2.99

Violet Red 1/2oz $2.99

Pale Violet Red 1/2oz


ohmy.gif OOOoooooo....... Need.ohmy.gif

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Well, once the full line is out for purchase, I will be grabbing up one of each. I don't believe in half measures when it comes to paint. Just go ahead and box up a whole run of them with my name on it. :;):


*checks wallet*


Seriously, I am very anxious to test these out. My local store had some Adikolor bozo in wanting to get their paints in the store and dropped off literature and ONE paint sample. The owner gave it to me and asked me for my opinion.


My part of the conversation:


"Forget it. You got the Vallejo Game Color in, and Reaper's got the new Pro Paints coming out soon. You won't NEED anything else."


End of conversation. I stay with what works, and what brands I support.


And if you are curious, I did try the paint. Not even worth my time.

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