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Taking home the Silver


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I've been a very busy person for a few years now working six days a week with both jobs, and now I have my jewelry business in the mix. It's been a long time since I've had time to paint a mini. Maybe if I manage a vacation here at some point I can finish a few that have sat half painted the past few years.


On the subject of Jewelry I wanted to share with you folks something that happened earlier this year. If any of you have ever been over to the Fire Mountain Gems website and looked through the jewelry contests you might have seen a familiar name there...


The results were announced back in February that I took Grand Prize Silver Medal in the Gemstones Category of their international jewelry contest last year. For those of you unfamilar with these sorts of contests, it might be the jewelry world's equivalent of winning a Silver Demon.


The piece I placed with took me 36 hours to create from start to finish, and included Tigereye, Brecciated Jasper, a carved bone dragon I hand painted, Japanese seed beads, gold plated beads, copper wire, and a host of other beads and components.




If you click on the above link and scroll down to second place you'll see my entry titled "My Chinese Zodiac."




At least now you know what I've been up to in my absence...

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I like yours better than the first place one, but i'm in no way qualified to judge. Congrats


I find your comment funny.



About half the folks who have looked at this since February have said the same thing.

In my opinion of course I feel the person who got "Presidents Choice" should have been the Grand Prize Gold Medal Winner...

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