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Jordan Peacock

IMEF Marines Background/Fluff?

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Here's your background:


Intergalactic Marine Expeditionary Force


The Intergalactic Marine Expeditionary Force, or IMEF, is a Marine Task Force of the United States Marine Corps primarily composed of the 1st Marine Division, 1st Marine Spacecraft Wing, and 1st Marine Logistics Group. Among Marines, it is common to pronounce IMEF as "eye mef."

The IMEF, along with the United States Army, are part of America's United Space Command. The primary duties of the IMEF are to maintain security for all American interplanetary signatories and at all extraterrestrial colonies that fall under United States of America's control, and serve as the vanguard of any major combat operation in space.

They have fought on more than four dozen worlds, such as Valera-123, Garrity-426, Jackson-329, and Stiltz-228.


When directed, IMEF deploys and is employed as a task force in support of Combatant Commander (COCOM) requirements for contingency response or Major Theater War in interplanetary environments; with appropriate augmentation, it serves as the core element of a Joint Task Force (JTF); prepares and deploys combat ready forces to support COCOM presence and crisis response; and supports service and COCOM initiatives as required.

In practice the IMEF is America's primary "force-in-readiness", who are at all times ready for immediate deployment without any additional reinforcement, training or provisioning. They specialize in force projection, being able to operate independently in space-bound environments far from home for extended periods thanks to their technological prowess and sizable space fleet at their disposal.

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Since I'm thinking about building one...

IMEF Dropship

Since the IMEF employs ground forces in combat, its needs a shuttlecraft for soldiers and troopers descending from orbit onto the battlefield. Their typical dropship is typically little more than a large pasenger space and a cockpit, with a few defense weapons on board to keep the ship from being blown out of the sky by enemy fighters. All dropships transport IMEF troops to and from orbit with speed and precision. The drop ship is capable of making orbital instertions, as well as landing in hangar bays.

Type: Ultralight
Subtype: Dropship
Defense: 15
Flat-footed Defense: 11
Autopilot Defense: 8
Hardness: 20
Hit Dice: 8d20 (160 hp)
Initiative Modifier: +4
Size: Gargantuan (–4 size)
Tactical Speed: 5,000 ft.(7 sq.)
Length: 56 feet (12 squares)
Weight: 132,000 lb.
Targeting System Bonus: +2
Crew: 2 (expert +8)
Passenger Capacity: 20
Cargo Capacity: 6,000 lb.
Pilot’s Class Bonus: +5
Pilot’s Dex Modifier: +4
Gunner’s Attack Bonus: +4
Grapple Modifier: +12
Base Purchase DC: 52
Restriction: None

2 fire-linked lasers (9D8 damage)

Attack of Oppurtunity:
Point defense system +2 ranged (1D12x10) = 70 average

Standard PL 6 Design Specs:

Power core: Fission generator
Engines: Ion engine, Thrusters
Armor: Polymeric
Defense Systems: Chaff launcher, point-defense system,

radiation shielding
Sensors: Class III sensor array, targeting system
Communications: Laser transceiver, radio transceiver
Weapons: 2 fire-linked lasers
Grappling Systems: Grapplers

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