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hmmmm well im not likely to play (though this does reduce my number of excuses not to go visit stu and frank... ::P:) but i get more satisfaction from a force that i know is fairly correct and 'realistic' rather than a random collection of CAVs....so can anyone help me with a list or something? all i can do is make poorly educated guesses lol ^_^

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There really isn't any "right" or "wrong" way to start playing CAV.


The models don't really need to be seperated along governmental or corporate lines. I started out with stuff I thought looked good and would be fun to paint, and learned the rules with those models.


If you're going to be playing with Stu and Frank, my advice would be to get the two of them to help you outift a force that would work againt their own armies.

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If you're just looking for display models, my four favorites in descending order of Coolness, are


Koda Works '70 Dictator -- The dictator is the flagship model of the CAV line, and the 2270 edition upped its cool-factor exponetially.


Grundor House Butcher -- The guns on this thing are just menacing, and I think it's the widest CAV available. It's a good profile.


Syram StarHawk VI -- Not out until December, but I'm getting Two.


Borsig Spline Mantis -- I just love the look of the head/cockpit on this one. I want to get an extra one just to paint it in shades of green instead of my orange and tan color scheme.


That gives you a section of models to put on a shelf.

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okay, if really want to own some CAVs, I'd say go download the rules here, read the first chapter of the novel(farther down on same page) and then assemble a glory duel section.


Warmaster is the big tournament held every year at Origins, it is the international glory duel. it is 1750 pts force of four CAV (four CAV only).


Let see, I think I used a Scorpian, Ogre, Rhino and (I think) a Wraith.


Leech had a what looks like a Falcon, Duelist, Rhino and a Starhawk.


Lil'Matt had what looks like a Kahn, Panther, Challenger and a (I can't tell from the picture...)


and if you pick up four and make a section, you can go play with the UK guys sometime.


try this thread on Mil-Net where people are discussing their favorite sections.


go surf the store to see which shapes interest you, if one or two strike your fancy then come back and ask how to build using those in a section.


there really is no wrong way to build your army, really. Buy what you like, go from there, it really is that easy.


just some suggestions,

cher ^_^

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OK... If you wanna force, here's one to chew on:

This is a basic 3000 Point army that I built for my FLGS

You can see pics of it in the Show Off Forum as the Sandcats


CAV Section #1 (1313 pts)

1x '70 Dictator (413)

1x Dictator (306)

2x Assassin (2 x 297 = 594)


CAV Section #2 (1152 pts)

2x Conqueror (2 x 266 = 532)

2x Falcon (2 x 310 = 620)


Mech Infantry Section (443 pts)

1x Badger (131)

3x Reg Inf w/ AT-23 DFM (3 x 104 = 312)


This army is designed with a very strong Anti-Armor offensive profile. The CAV sections are broken into 2-CAV teams where they can break off and force weak-points in your opponent's formation.

Generally, you'll advance on your opponent with CAV Section #1, following with the Falcons from Section #2 and having the Conquerors from Section #2 provide covering fire.

The Infantry are harrassers and can polish off any wounded ducks along the way.


The main weakness of this army is it's inability to adequitely deal with a strong soft target army (like Aircraft or scads of Infantry). If you are afraid of lots of soft targets, then you may want to exchange the Assassins for either Starhawk Vs (2 x 307 = 614) or a Wraith (351) & Thug (273). These increase the army's soft target offensive profile without seriously jeapordizing it's anti-armor potenital.


If you wish, you can increase the army point limit to 4000 and add a section of aircraft. I recommend:

2x Tsuiseki (2 x 198 = 396)

2x Kharl (2 x 224 = 448)


Hope that helps.

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