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What's the general oppinion of mortars in the game?

Their strength is in their cheap deployment cost.

For the cost of a single Regent, you can field 3 stands of Mortar Armed Infantry.


Unfortunately, this cheap cost comes with great risk. The infantry are very frail... This means you don't want to bunch them up (making them juicy candidates for your opponent's IF atatcks).

They also don't have a very high Target Lock Value. This means that you have to devote some kind of spotter (either a Panther or some kind of high TL, Chain Lock equiped unit) to assist.


This is a very popular Mortar Infantry Section that works very well.

1x Panther (183)

3x Hvy Inf w/ 2x SAG Heavy Mortar (3 x 127 = 381)

Total cost 564.


This provides you with a total of SIX +3/+6, 40" IF attacks with a potential TL of +4 (making them SIX +7/+10 attacks). This can be devestating to just about anything on the tabletop short of the stoutest Super Chassis.

Also, since they are Heavy Infanry, they come with a +1 ARM and an 8MM. This gives them a little more survivability and mobility should you need it.



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well assuming that in CAV mortars still lob munitions like they do today rather than direct firing weapons like missiles, lasers, etc it makes sense sorta (though my lack of CAV knowledge does mean im guessing)


if +1 AV means its more accurate that would make sense because hitting accurately with a mortar close up is easier than far away. while range doesnt matter an awful lot if you got a stinger or similar; except for the usual chance of mechnical failure, extreme turbulence, interference etc

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It's also important to note that as Mortars are not Missiles they do suffer the -1 AV range penalty outside of 24"...  But gain the +1 AV within 12".

And I've never understood why this should be. Hey, it's the rules though, I just need to remember it when I'm playing.

I was talking about this rule with my players.


Conceptually speaking, missiles are rocket assist with guidance and course correction software in their warhead.

This means, that while you lack the kenetic impact of a solid round on target at closer ranges (read: No +1 AV within 12"), you also don't have the trajectory degradation at longer ranges on a mobile battlefield (hence, no -1 AV outside of 24").


Mortars and other "dumb" munitions don't have the kind of trajectory assistance that missiles have, yet strike harder at closer ranges... So, it's a toss up.


That was just me thinking out loud.

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Okay, this is designed to help Archaon with a nice looking 'army'. This could well be a fairly average Terran force, and is pretty uniform. It's not points balanced or anything, but it'd look great on a shelf.


Section 1

2 x Centurions

2 x Thunderbirds (not released yet)


Section 2

2 x Starhawk VI (not released yet)

2 x Starhawk V


Section 3



2 x Duelist


Section 4


3 x Sovereign III


Section 5

2 x Raptors

2 x Spartan


Section 6

4 x Harpy


This is using two of the better looking UCORs, who happen to have a wide range of stuff. They make tanks too which can be added. Also, this would probably work out around 7 or 8k (I'm sure someone will post an exact points total etc). But you ain't gonna be playing (although this'd be cool if you were gonna) so that doesn't factor much. It does have some of the best units in the game in it though.


Steven, what kind of force are you after? The one I put above will handle any hard target based army quite well, and it also has some soft target killing capability (mainly from IF and the Hawks) and should be fairly equal against most armies... although being a bit economical would probably be wise (Section 1 is gonna cost you 2k points alone, and section 2 is nigh on 1900). And the tanks, while cheaper than CAV's, are cheaper for a reason. But there are some nice tanks, like the Despot, Naginata and Banshee.


Archaon, one last thing. If you're gonna be facing me and Stuart, you might want to use the army design philosophy from this side of the pond. And the Warmaster section isn't a bad idea - you can come and take part in Carnage (15th Feb) :o)

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