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03252 Anatole - Modified with 02963 Camp Axes

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So I decided to see if I could make an axe throwing pirate and started with Anatole. I went through all of the weapon kits and almost every character wielding axes in the Reaper catalog and finally decided the axes in the Camp Accssories pack were the best size and shape. I salvaged a hand from some elven warrior I had laying around and started chopping and reassembling. I need to get into some of the cracks with some green, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. I will update when I get it greened and primed.



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Thanks Jordan, it was touch and go for a while, but once everything was drilled, pinned, and reassembled, it started to look pretty darned good. I'm still nervous to prime it, it always makes my cuts and scrapes so much more obvious.

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Thanks for choosing this figure (one of my sculpts) as the basis for your conversion.

I agree with the others here -- your hand-swaps turned out great and they fit the pose of the original figure.

I look forward to seeing the painted version.



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Thanks for choosing this figure (one of my sculpts) as the basis for your conversion.

I agree with the others here -- your hand-swaps turned out great and they fit the pose of the original figure.

I look forward to seeing the painted version.




Thanks for the compliment. It took me a while to get the left arm just right, but I'm really happy with it now.


I'm not really that good of a painter, and I'm years out of practice. I wouldn't expect too much. :;):

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So last night I got the primer back off successfully. Unfortunately, it also took one of the axes off so I'm back to repair work on that. No new photos today, but I did get the axe reassembled with a new hand (the old one was damaged beyond repair in the "axe-ident"). I'll be reapplying green stuff tomorrow to touch up the new conversion work and then back to primer.

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