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shadow for white armor

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Shameless self plug here. This is what I did on my last model. I worked up from GW Dheneb stone through white. The best way to do white armor is to make it light enough for register as white, but with only you highest highlights actually being white. You can also use greys and blues to shade white instead of an off white like ivory.



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I think that if you used bone type colours that would work well with the gold trim, especially if the gold is NMM. Blue works well, but I tend to think that it tends to over-power the white easily. If you do go with bone, just be careful not to go too yellow because it may look dirty instead of shaded

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Thank u all for the tips. I have tryed painting nmm and I still having some proplems geting it right. What grey would work the best? I have the ash grey from reaper hd paints. Btw Captain Joe what mini is that from.


No grey "works best" but having multiple shades of grey means you don't have to mix as much. Just add black to make a darker grey and white to make a lighter grey. To add life to the NMM you can add a tiny bit of blue to the shadows and light blue to the highest highlights.


Here's a great NMM article I found while cruising the web. http://warhammer-emp...p?topic=10116.0


The mini is 03148 Jerach the Undead Hunter. A personal favorite of mine from one of my favorite sculpters: Matt Gubser





If you need more help, don't be afraid to ask. The people around here are friendly. And, if you post pictures, we can give even feedback and tips that are more specific to your painting.

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