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If you don't mind plastics or prepaints, take advantage of the Legendary Encounters and Bones lines to save yourself a bit of money on your Necropolis. Bones has Railor, zombies, and skeletal spearmen (that could easily be warriors) and Legendary Encounters has two Necropolis characters (Railor and Naomi) as well as zombies, skeletal spearmen, archers, and warriors.


Thanks for the heads up on these. In general I've been a painter and have preferred the metals, but for gaming and now that I have two young children, the plastics are much more attractive. I'm thinking of getting a nice group of plastic zombies together. Just in case.


If anyone can offer some guidance for posting developing army pictures, what is the preferable board: Works in Progress, Show Off...here?

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Well, if they are incomplete paintjobs, then they should go in WIPs. Once models are finished, they should go in Show Off. Finally, when you start getting groups of them done, it would be appropriate to post in the Adon's Most Wanted thread in this section of the forum to show off your growing army.




Oh fine, make this a crystal clear common sense answer, lol. Thanks Shak! Adon's most wanted is the section I had forgotten about.

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