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Harley Quinn - Eaglemoss 90mm

Hot Lead

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Here's some pics of my Harley Quinn model "Why so serious?" which won gold in Painters at Reapercon this year. She's a "free" give away from a UK magazine by Eaglemoss publishing. They publish titles for both Marvel and DC Comics superheroes - each magazine has a history of the character and includes a prepaint lead miniature. (Yes lead! These are heavy.)


I'm guessing the scale is 75-90mm. The minis are a deal at ~$14-16 per magazine!


For reference here's what the stock prepaint looks like:




The cast-on base is a resin DC Comics logo I broke off on mine with my trusty Xuron cutters. The feet had lead tabs I sawed off and pinned instead.




The base is a print out of the Joker card glued to a playing card and hand-painted. The pop-gun cork was real cork - cut and sanded to shape before inking.








The "fuse" for the bomb is a braided electric wire unwound a little and dipped into super glue to thicken the tips of the wires. Bomb itself is just a wooden bead with plastic tube for the top.

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Really nice! I have this piece too. I might have to try the conversion as well :)


Thanks! She was a lot of fun to paint up. If you decide to convert note the lead is really soft. I tried to move her hand to better position the bomb and broke it off. I pinned it back in the stock position.

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