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New Releases & Coyboys & Gunslingers Rules

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Happy July! Not quite the fourth, but while I'm here, I should let you know that we're going to have he shop shut down on Wednesday July, 4th in observance of the holiday. So, if you need to call us, wait until Thursday.


Today, we have this week's releases ready to go.


<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/14645_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='14645: Bladesinger Sister by Patrick Keith'>14645: Bladesinger Sister by Patrick Keith ($6.49)</a><br>



<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/50262_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='50262: Rhinocerix, Super Villain by Jeff Grace'>50262: Rhinocerix, Super Villain by Jeff Grace ($10.79)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/50273_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='50273: Herq, Circus Strong Man by Kevin Williams'>50273: Herq, Circus Strong Man by Kevin Williams ($5.99)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/50275_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='50275: Shadow Talon, Super Hero by Jeff Grace'>50275: Shadow Talon, Super Hero by Jeff Grace ($7.49)</a><br>


<strong>Savage Worlds</strong>

<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/59031_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='59031: Terrantula (2) by Kevin Williams'>59031: Terrantula (2) by Kevin Williams ($6.99)</a><br>



<a href="/graphics/gallery/4/60111_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='60111: Holy Vindicator by Bobby Jackson'>60111: Holy Vindicator by Bobby Jackson ($8.99)</a><br><a href="/graphics/gallery/4/60125_p_1_mj.jpg" rel="lightbox[releases]" title='60125: Attic Whisperer (2) by Kevin Williams'>60125: Attic Whisperer (2) by Kevin Williams ($4.99)</a><br>


In cause you missed the nifty widget up above, we also have a FREE downloadable set of rules to go with <a href="http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cowboys%20gunslingers/sku-down/10035">the Cowboys & Gunslingers Boxed Set</a>. It's really clever: pretty much anything you can do in a Hollywood western goes. Need cover? Hide behind any wary -- no matter how flimsy the material. Never run out of ammo! Or at least never unless it's critical to the plot. Based on the powerful and fast Warlord skirmish rules, <a href="http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/cowboys%20gunslingers/sku-down/10035">Cowboys & Gunslingers</a> is a hoot! <a href="http://www.reapermini.com/Games/CowboysandGunslingers">Visit this page to check them out!</a>

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