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Kouraneth, Evil Knight


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Like Casiatta, I was inspired by the Diablo 3 artbook when painting this knight. I really liked some of the angels and decided to paint him in a similar fashion. I considered giving him a white cloak, but it just seemed like going dark with it seem right, so I went blue-black. I think it goes well with the gold. The armor and weapon were painted with the same mixture of non metallic and metallic paint. Thanks for looking!


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Wow! Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments!


Cookjimjr -- Thanks so much for all your encouragement and checking out my work!


Cerebro -- I was thinking of doing a lava style base initially. I think you may be right, it would have given some brightness to an otherwise very dark color scheme. They say you should always go with your first instinct, and I guess I should have. :)


Hot Lead -- Just wanted to thank you again! I consider your comments high praise coming from you. :)


Spaztica -- I was trying to go for something really dark, old and powerful. I'm glad it came across! Thank you!

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