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Pathfinder Minis That We'd Like To See

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I have not seen all the suggestions, but there is a redeemed succubus in Wrath of the Righteous I would love to see made into a mini. Not many things make a huge make this mini impression, but I loved her concept and storyline. So I would love to see her as an available mini.


I really like that character, too.  Paizo already has a version of her in the prepainted plastic line made by Wizkids, but several of Reaper's figures in the metal Pathfinder line are of characters that were already available as plastic versions -- such as my new Koriah Azmeren figure, from Shattered Star.  As long as the Reaper folks think that a figure will sell well enough to justify making it in metal, they'll make one.




or if you need a (semi) redeemed Succubus, there are a number of Sophie sculpts available...

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I stand somewhat corrected....and Sniffles post was so well said........search the "Wizard" male then female. Its doesn't even look like the same character class


The guys look like they are in the dungeon, the woman at the Wizards Ball ( 1 or 2 bags )


Can the next female wizard be "ready for anything" like 02888 Trathus Varr or 14317 Jos Gebbler ?


I love the female wizard in the tights and boots as much as the next guy but I'd love to see one on a slot base with her food, light source, spell components, weapons, and loot all carried on her person.

Hmmm, late to the discussion, but....

Look for Female and Book.... (Some of my favorite female wizard figures were intended to be clerics, I think. ::): )


Of course it's a dictionary - you told me to bring my spell book.


The Auld Grump

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Sorry about hijacking the thread earlier. 


On the actual topic of Pathfinder minis, I so desperately want to play a vanara monk, but there are no miniatures! The charau-ka just don't quite cut it. But I suppose there are no Adventure Paths with a vanara monk (or any other vanara) NPC on which to base a figure.


Also, I agree with whomever mentioned the female tiefling artwork from the Advanced Race Guide. I love that artwork and would love to see someone recreate it in three dimensions. 

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Old thread (this is alchemist's fault!), but, whatever you do, put out a line of Pathfinder mini's so the boardgamers can buy, in one swell foop, all the mini's they need as gaming pieces for the various Pathfinder card games. 


Perhaps when Legendary Encounters hits retail, you could even have prepainted boxed sets for each standalone game, and each standalone game's character expansions.

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