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Pathfinder Minis That We'd Like To See

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There is just so many that I want. Though I've managed to keep it contained in the General Fantasy thread. My biggest requests would be:


All the Runelords (perferably 2 versions of each because they are my favorite villians in the setting.)

The Dragons in various ages. Start with the Core 10, then move through each beastiary.

Mythic versions of the iconics.


I shall hold myself there for now...

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I'd love to see minis for the new Advanced Race Guide races. Especially ones that are significantly different from humans, such as kitsune, ratfolk, and catfolk and so on.


Sure, some people (such as myself) have been able to modify standard minis to resemble the ARG races, but I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there who will appreciate the additional options. Plus, I'm sure one of your sculpts would look better than my miniature surgery, lol.

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I realize that she's the least favourite character in the adventure path, but I would really like to see Koya from the Jade Regent campaign. Not only because my group likes taking her along but because I would love to have the "set".


I am glad to know that at least one person would buy a Koya figure.

After I saw Patrick Keith's excellent renditions of Ameiko and Shalelu (v2.0, blonde- instead of green-haired), I sculpted Sandru and I also thought that a Koya figure would be nice to finish out the set -- and would be an unusual subject for expanding my sculpting skills.

If/when I start sculpting her, I'll let you know.



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I admit I'm a Pathfinder fanboy. I don't get to play tabletop anymore, outside of the PBP I run here, but I read almost all the AP. I tend to pick up favorite NPCs from all the AP, and so far Reaper has a done a bang job on the ones they have done. I would like to see more of the Sandpoint folks (Koya, Belor, etc). I own Shalelu 1.0, and will eventually pick up 2.0, though I can never decide which sculpt I like better. I would also like to eventually see the rest of the Runelords. At the current top of my wish list however is Koriah Azmeren (and possibly her father). I would also love to see Tar-Baphon make it into bones, since he's a bit pricey in metal.


@DKS I love the Derro and Duergar. I picked up the Duergar at Rcon, and the Derro are currently on my "to buy" list, after I whittle down my pile a bit.

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