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Pathfinder Minis That We'd Like To See

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A slew of Pathfinder Gnomes.


A unit of Hellknights.


A unit of Red Mantis assassins.


Phase Spider.


The Auld Grump - who is not a Pathinder miniature.....

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an Auld Grump Pathfinder miniature


Sorry, first they made me, then they broke the mold....


The Auld Grump - a lost wax production process....

Thank God for small miracles :P

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Derek, I will be online to buy one as soon as it's coming out! The picture they have for her is awesome (even if she doesn't look sixty) and she really does have a great character. I think people would like her more if they were to stop thinking of her as "so old, she doesn't remember how old she is". With her perfect "healthcare" from birth (her mother, Niska, is a druid after all and the sort who would use spells on her daughter if she needed it) and then becoming a cleric herself, Koya has aged very gracefully.


Yep, I am totally onboard for that mini! It's great to see other people would be too! :blush:

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So hard to choose models but...


Grey Maiden in combat pose.

Koriah Azmeren

Natalya Vakaskerkin

Runelord Sorshen

Catfolk; Rogue, Fighter, Wizard, Cleric

Alu Demon

More Sinspawn variants

More Skinsaw Cultist variants



(I'd say Gug but that's already covered 50039)


While I'd like all of them in Bones these are models that I'd only buy that way (be they Pathfinder or Reaper designs);

Hill Giants

Stone Giants

Frost Giants (I have a personal wish for the 3 giant types sooner not later ;))

Lamia Haridan


Headless Horseman


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I'm sure I'll think of many to add. There is one that I am waiting on that I recall seeing a cast of somewhere, and that's the Drow wizard that's on page 167 of the Core Rulebook. I'm dying to add that mini to my growing collection. There are so many others that I am hoping to see come out in the Bones line, mainly because I am going to want multiples to be able to out up against my players as we run through the various AP's.

Planning on picking up some Duergar and Derro for some "Underdark" style adventures i am planning out soon. Love those sculpts!


I also am impatiently waiting for more of the Pathfinder dragons to come out. They aren't the same ones i grew up on in D&D, but it's cool that they are different and they are growing on me. Anyhow, Keep up the great work and as I come across more i'll be sure to suggest them.



Oohh just thought of an oddball one I was trying to find.... the Blindheim from the Pathfinder Society First Steps, vol 2 scenario... No one has anything close, and I even looked for Grippli or Bullywugs or something I could sub for it but had no luck, so those would even be great...

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First off I'd like to state that I'm buying (or have bought) most of the smaller metal Reaper Pathfinder monster minis as well as some characters. Where the Bones lines are strongest is in their medium to large size figures and the NPCs. Once players and GMs can get largish Bones figures (or groups of smaller enemies) for around the same price as a smaller metal mini, large enemies or smaller hordes become less prohibitive to buy.


That said, I'd love to buy:

Giants (any and all, right at the top of my list)

Common Dragons (give the PCs a reason to change their loincloths)




Runelords... (rare to use but oh so memorable, worth a reasonable investment)

hell, any largish enemies I can throw at my players. Buying these as Bones is just too reasonable to pass up, unlike the metals. Anything to get my massive pawn collection dusty!


PC minis I have no problem getting in metal. I prefer them in metal, as do many players. They stay on the table, become heroes, and it's their stories that get retold over beer for years. NPCs on the other hand are perfect for Bones. Most GMs can't justify spending hordes of cash on occasional use metal NPC minis. I like running APs and get the pawn boxes from Paizo largely for the NPCs and large monsters. If an adventure path has 10-15 central NPCs I'll never get them in metal, but Bones would be a no-brainer. If I could get Rise of the Runelords, Shattered Star or Jade Regent NPCs I'd be in GM heaven.


Honestly, I would also LOVE to see more scenery done up in Bones:


Treasure piles

Rocks (various sizes and shapes)





Wooden barricades



Potions (maybe in that cool colored material)


Straw and cloth sleep mats

Giant bird or animal nests



Tree stumps

Fallen trees



Dead bodies




I realize that tables, chairs, market stalls and the like probably wouldn't work out any better than the candelabras (crooked and hard to stand) but scenery without the need for long, thin, straight pieces seem ideal for bonesium. It would be less expensive than resin and scenery in general is only growing in popularity. Hell, a Bones scenery kickstarter would probably take a week to fund. Maybe that's something to consider in 2014.

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The Pathfinder version of the Glabrezu. That thing is so epic! A sculpted version would drain my wallet so fast my head would spin!
Actually all the various types of Demons, Daemons, and Devils to go with the rest of the suggestions everyone else has made would be great!

Pics: 012712-TreacheryDemon_360.jpeg

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@MonkeywithTacos: The drow wizard that you mention is a named NPC (Nolveniss Azrinae) from the "Second Darkness" adventure path, and I think one of the Reaper sculptors is working on the figure. (The figure appears on the "Preorder" page at the Paizo webstore.) Reaper's staff and sculptors have been busy all year with the Bones Kickstarter, so I don't know how soon the wizard will be out ... but keep your eyes out for him!

Also, I agree that the Glabrezu is a formidable design, but I think there's almost no chance of Reaper making one. You show pics of a version in prepainted plastic available in the range produced by Wizkids. There are some overlaps in Reaper's and Wizkids's ranges of Pathfinder figures, but mainly in the human-sized characters, for which a Reaper version came out first but Paizo decided that the Wizkids line also needed one for completeness. If there's already a Wizkids version of a monster/character, then Reaper would have to decide that there was a market for a version by a Reaper sculptor, and I think that won't be the case with the Glabrezu.


@CorallineAlgae: If you haven't already repeated your list on the "Minis we would like to see (fantasy version)" thread in the "Reaper General" section of the Forum, and/or the "Bones You'd Like to See" thread in the "Bones Miniatures & Legendary Encounters" area, please do so! Chests and tents and other dungeon/campsite paraphernalia aren't based on Pathfinder-specific intellectual property (characters or illustrations), so they wouldn't be relased in the Pathfinder range of miniatures. But Reaper's Dark Heaven Legends line includes several examples of furnishings and scenery, and they might also be appropriate as Bones.



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I'd love to see the important NPCs from the Reign of Winter AP, espicably the female NPC that helps the PCs when they first enter Irrisen. Bonus points if she is sculpted by Derek or Patrick ^_^


I seen Reefclaws were mentioned in this thread at some point & time. Back in 2012 :rock: I ran the Pathfinder Beginner Box adventure at ReaperCon. Well I had figures & props for everything but that encounter. I ended up making my own:




All in all I think it turned out a great looking mini, espically when first consider I have no sculpting skills whatsoever!! Pushing putty for me a task in itself (thou I'm getting better). What I used was the Moray eel familiar from 02948: Familiar Pack VII & the creature claws from the 03334: Creature Components (not the giant crab claws, the ones next to them). The arms are a copper wire & green stuff.

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I realize that she's the least favourite character in the adventure path, but I would really like to see Koya from the Jade Regent campaign. Not only because my group likes taking her along but because I would love to have the "set".


I am glad to know that at least one person would buy a Koya figure.

After I saw Patrick Keith's excellent renditions of Ameiko and Shalelu (v2.0, blonde- instead of green-haired), I sculpted Sandru and I also thought that a Koya figure would be nice to finish out the set -- and would be an unusual subject for expanding my sculpting skills.

If/when I start sculpting her, I'll let you know.


I forgot to tell you that I started sculpting a Koya figure ... so now I can tell you that I finished sculpting the Koya figure! ::P:

I left the finished green (original sculpted figure made out of Green Stuff epoxy putty) at Reaper yesterday, after my weeklong visit that included the end-of-Kickstarter party last weekend.

I'm having some computer glitches so I can't post a photo now, but I will when I can. Or maybe the Reaper folks will put a photo up on the Previews page.



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