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Painting Wide Open Cloaks

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Dear Friends,


After my marathon of classes at ReaperCon, I am trying to practice what I learned.


I am working on 03144: Captain Wilmont Silver and having problems with his cloak.


Since it was very wide open and don´t have to many folds, I am having difficulties to determine the shadows and highlights. When I put the fig under a lamp, the shadows and highlights appear as spots all over the surface instead of lines. When I try to follow this pattern and apply the paint in this places, it looks like the cloak was stained by bleach instead of real light.


Any tips with this figure in particular? Anyone ever painted and got the same issue?

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My suggestion on this scultp is to do extremely smooth blends (with not much color variation) in a vertical direction. Also, it might help to add some freehand elements to the cloak in order to distract from the overall lack of shading.

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IF you put it under a light and it doesnt have many shadows or highlights, then for the most part that might be what the lighting is on it. At that point you would need to decide if you want to have it with shadows and such then, you have the option of moving the light source to a point where it does create some shadows in one direction or the other or maybe even adding a second light source (say a colored source).


And as Salyvan suggested, if you don't do one of those then you also have the option of doing freehand which does a good job of breaking up the area and moving the eye along.

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