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Battle Report - Constructs don't make good slaves...

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Construction on his new mansions was going way too slow.... Something must be done about this. "Put more men to work...."


"But, sire, my apologies, but we already have all of the bondslaves currently in custody on the project."


"This will not do... Well, Merack, looks like we need to go find some new willing members.... I hear there are bountiful numbers of slaves working in the grueling desert. Its a shame, them working under such harsh conditions. I think they would be much happier here in our fair city with all it has to offer. Let us go and see if we might persuade them."



Overlords - 999 points


Troop 1

General Matisse

Ranthe, Evangelist of Khardullis - Familiar

Moraia, Warbride

Ymrilix the False

Overlord Crossbowman

Overlord Warrior x 3

Bondslave x 2


Troop 2

Merack of the Onyx Phalanx

Lola Darkslip, Assassin

Overlord Crossbowman

Overlord Warrior x 3

Bondslave x 3


Troop 3

Incarnation of Flame


Troop 4

Xailor the Defiler



Nefsokar scouts caught sight of the incoming slavers and Senet led a defensive unit out to meet them and divert them away.


This is what I remember of his list, obviously he used some equipment in there somewhere to fill the last points but not sure which, so left it blank...


Nefsokar - 982 points


Troop 1

Senet Net'merew



Khamsin Lancer x 7


Troop 2


Sokar's Prophets x 2

Ammat Devourer x 4

Anubis Guard x 4


Troop 3



The battle took place in a rocky area with a decent amount of terrain and hiding spots. Lots of sizeable level 1-2 rocks around, and one old ruined tower.


Nefsokar used their faction ability to ranger ahead some and delay my incarnation of flame.


On the first activation, Nefsokar used a burst of speed and bless to on the lancers to get most of them within range of their dreaded swift attack. Lots of MAV 7 first striking swift attacks all over.... (MAV 4+bless+rage+Senet WA). Luckily for me, he spread them out hitting several different soldiers instead of ganging up. I took lots of single hits, but since they were single hits, I was still alive after. My soldiers did a decent job of giving back as many hits as they took. Beign on horses that move really fast, after they fiished their swift attacks, he backed them all away 10 inches out of my charge range.


Next activation, Khathan stepped forward and put a poisoned arrow into another soldier. He would later fail his poison roll.


Nefsokar grabs the third activation. And moves up his construct wall of doom. The Prophets casting Mighty and Vigor on Ammat.


So, now its all me left for the first turn. At first, I was going to back up and see if I could deal with his horses for another turn and force the construct wall to waste another turn of just moving. But, then I realized two things. First, his prophets had burst of speed spells too, and second I was playing overlords with Matisse and his horde of spies and tacticians. So, I decided to push forward knowing I would be able to take advantage of that on the second round. I just wasnt sure how many spies I would have to blow thru to make it happen.


So, Lola, steps out in the open and tosses a couple of poisoned darts into two horse riders. Atifa had unfortunately for my opponent come a little too close and was not hiding behind anything. One of my crossbows took advantage and got off a successful piercing shot to remove her from the field before she was really able to do anything. And the bulk of my group moves forward to meet the enemy host. Some of my soldiers were able to double move to get in b2b with horses to negate their first strike on the following turn's fight. Lastly, Ranthe cast Iron Skin on Matisse. I really didnt want to cast it yet since it was bsically wasting one of its two turn affectiveness, but since I only had one caster and needed to try and get a second person protected the next turn, I decided to go ahead and do it.


So, now its only turn 2 starting... And of course, Nefsokar bead comes out of the bag first. I spy it to the bottom of the deck. My bead next. I activate my main troop, Ranthe adds another Iron Skin, this time to YMirilix. I came close to giving it to Moraia instead, with her assassin, but I figured against the DR of the constructs, Y was a better choice. With her faster movement, Moraia charged Khathan, who like Atifa had come a little too far into the battle area. I gambled on my dice rolls, using a frenzy and it paid off getting the 2 hits I needed to kill Khathan. Ymir went after two anubas. I knew he couldnt kill either since he was splitting up his swings, but did it anyway with the thought that I might could finish both off next time, or the crossbows might do it later. Unfortunately, all he did was put 1 point against one of them and whiffed epic 1 on the other. Matisse faired better taking out an anubis and a devourer with the help of a soldier. Crossbow whiffed at a horse.


I think I burned another 2-3 spies tokens over the next few bead draws. And I actually had to burn an extrea one since my opponent also used one of his spies in there too.


My fire dude came on the board and immediately tossed a fireball onto Senet and another horsey. That would be huge as it would keep him from entering the battle for another turn. I think I traded three soldiers and a bondslave for 3 horses.


Now I have gone thru all my play for turn 2 and feeling pretty decent about things since I was trading models fairly even and my big guys were all still there and even a couple of them iron skinned. But, now its Nefsokar's portion of turn 2 (after all my spies).


Fatima iron skinned Senet. But, all he could do at this time was to put out his fire and get in position for the following turn. The prophets blessed the constructs, and did another vigor on Ammat. So, at this point the DR/2 Ammat has 4 swings at 6+bless=7 with Mighty and Cleave.... That's 12 possible points of damage!!! And of course, since Matisse had cleared a couple of soldiers in front of him, the lane was wide open for him to compete with Matisse. He did 8 points to Matisse. Even after the Iron skin, that was 6, more than enough to take him out... And of course, since Ymir was not able to take out the Anubis guard a minute ago, it broke away, strolled over and put a plink on Matisse, so Matisse had to put all his defensive swings back on the puppyhead instead of momma gator. Lastly Matisse failed his tough roll. Devourers traded punches wth Merack on the other side. My opponent ran a couple of horses to engage Moraia, but couldn't attack when they got there. One from fire damage, and the other from distance moving. And he used his last lancer to pick off one of my soldiers that was trying to get to the Prophets. I think we traded horse for soldier on that one. I know my soldier died anyway.


Not feeling so cozy anymore after Matisse went down easier than iced kool-aid on a hot day.


So, at the end of turn 2.....


I had a hurt Merack, 4 untouched elites, 2 crossbows, and i think 1 bondslave left. Oh and Xailor, who I had double move to run towards Fatima sitting on the back of the table. I needed to get to her before she could ressurect or sacrifice anything. Nefsokar had a freshly Iron skinned Senet, untouched Ammat, 2 Anubis, 3 devourers, Fatima, 2 Prophets (with plenty of spell points left), and 3 horses.


Turn 3-5 is a little murkier as to when things actually happened so I might get some of this stuff out of order...


Xailor took out Fatima. Then I had to burn more spies to get the next activation. Moraia gambled again, using frenzy to attack both horses in btb with her. The gamble paid off again, taking out both. As small as it was, that was huge in the game in my opinion. But, the turning point is what happened next. I had wanted to regroup my models under Merack, but he did not have enough elite spots to hold them all. So, I couldnt. I had some decent hitters in each group, but I was thinking not enough in either individually to take on Ammat's DR/2. But, I had no choice.. So, I gambled again. Ranthe cast Vigor on Ymir, the crossbow whiffed on the set up shot. But, Ymir scored 3 cleaving hits on Ammat, 6 points-2, was still enough... The gamble paid off. Ammatt did put a couple of hits on Ymir in defensve. Wait, a sec.... I remember trading like 2 turns worth of blows with Ammat and Ymir. I rmember me using several Vigor spells, and the prophets doing the same and bless spells on the other side. So, maybe the final blows on Ammat were on turn 4 instead of 3. I cant remember now. But, either way, in the end, Ymir took out Ammat.


Senet shot a couple of bow hits on Moraia, but did not kill her. Lola kept throwinig darts at devourers, slowly whittling them down. And then Merack died finishing them off.


Xailor chased down one Prophet. And a crossbow finally started hitting water and took out the other prophet. Fire Dude was able to put another fireball on Senet and then .... hmmm.... I cant remember how I finally took Senet out... Was it with Moraia's assassin? Ymir? I'll be honest , that is now foggy to me. Hopefully, my opponent will chime in and solve the mystery.


End of game. I think I had my 4 elites and Xailor left. and that was it. Or did Ymir die too? Again I just can't remember... dang it..




Constructs don't make for good bondslaves.... The Overlords took the victory, but did not find anyone suitable for working on the mansion...

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So, I was the opponent. The missing points in the list come from a Luck Stone and a Canopic Jar for Atifa. One of these days I'll learn how to better protect my fragile models (see: Atifa and Khathan). I also hope to learn one of these days how to best use assassins. Every time I play him he has at least one assassin, and uses it to great effect. The Moraia vs. Lancers gamble was huge, but definitely paid off big.


I don't remember exactly how Senet went down either, but I think it was from Ymir.

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