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Mostly Complete Golem?

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It appears tohave some decoration around the arms and feet that could be painted as metal, which would add another color and a new texture to the piece. Also there are a number of runes. If the golem is powered by magic, maybe the runes could be glowing to indicate this power.

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It looks very nice already, I like the textures that those tones of grey add to the stone. I think more highlights on the stone will help you improve it.


Then if you want to take it to the next level, like Inarah says you can add some color in the runes. If you choose to try coloring the runes, just be careful not to add too much color. As grey is your principal color, and wood "tan/brown" is you secondary color, the tertiary color "the one you would choose for the runes" should not take too much place in the balance. It should just occupy 10% of the ensemble.


You can also try to rework on the “trunks” shading, it looks like your dry brushing occulted too much of the medullary rays. A soft dark brown wash could help bring out the wood detail.

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I've gotta say how proud I am of you for sticking to this one the way you are. It's already your best one yet and will be even better the way you are working it. :;):


(For those of you who don't know, NightyKnight's my son. He's been painting day and night on this one lately, and I've seen a huge improvement in both his brush control and critical thinking.)



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This is shortly after a wash I did it in old bronze and dry brushed in new gold. I also found som bands on his legs (shown on picture of back) and painted them gold. also I did some touch up on the runes.





As always cretieques are welcome.



(sorry if I spelled anything wrong :down:)

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