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02857, Gavin Warrior Thief


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Here is Gavin the clumsy weekend Warrior Thief. He was sculpted by Bobby Jackson back in 2004.

He was a real blast to paint, it took me about 10 hours but I was able to practice nmm.


This miniature is a two part model. And, while I was preparing him, I was inspired to make a diorama.

I assembled him at an angle compared to the regular fashion way, like if he was trying to avoid a blow.


Later, I might add some ols on his armor but I first need to design the diorama to see from where will be coming the light source.

More to come…













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Wow. So much goodness. Great expression. Good NMM. That would make a nice power sword for a space marine.


I hesitate to suggest "improvements" because it is already high quality, but here's a few ideas to make it more stellar:


Check out Sue Wachowski's (paintminion) hair and see if you can add some highlights accordingly, as the hair seems to be evenly lit from all over, where "bands" of light perpendicular to the grain would add some realism.


The leather scaly part on the lower back seems to be two colors, but adding a darker shade in the recesses and a higher highlight on the most prominent scales would really make it pop when you look at the figure from every angle.


Also highlight the thing that's bunching his hair together, and on the inner elbow.


A top town pic would be cool too, so we can see the base details. I know it's for a diorama, but I can't determine your intent for the base.


Super job.


Edit: On the sword, maybe a tiny bit of white or lighter blue for the highest level of highlight.

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Thanks everyone for the comments and a special thanks to Lastman for the critics.

I will surely add some highlights / ols later. I plan to have a torch or lantern burning next to Gavin.

The diorama scene will take place in a dungeon, so I don’t want to add to much lights for now.

As for the leather parts, you are perfectly right, I should have take more time to shade and highlight some more.

I won’t miss reworking those areas.

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