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Evil Empire has Evil Customer Service - Surprised?

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But even at their worst, I do not think that TSR ever tried to shut a company down entirely, which is what GW has just attempted, and utterly failed, to do. (Wanting CH to remove all means of casting miniatures... the first judge actually told them that wasn't going to happen... but they tried anyway.)


I am tempted to get one of the Chapterhouse jetbikes... just because.


The Auld Grump

If I liked 40K even a little bit, I might do the same. But I cordially despise both the game and the art style ... and I don't fish, so they're not even worth buying for sinkers. :devil:


I might buy one of those big Alligator-Man, Lizard-Ogre, not-Kroxigor things. It will have to wait on a paycheck but the news that this teensy startup company has been fined just makes me want to buy something from them.

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