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Castille Swordswoman

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Well for those who might recognise this miniature I thought I would share my WIP on her.


Looking at the pictures I notice a few spots where I need to go back and smooth things out a little, but I'm pretty happy with her current state. Big challenge is going to be getting the NMM right on her.



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Well she has been staring at me accusingly for a while... I mean she got her eyes retouched to help with this... but she has had to wait while I speed painted through some orcs and did a bit more on some other stuff.


I wasn't very happy with the initial red and the way it ended up with that all to typical yellow highlight. So with the arrival of my Red Shadow I revisited her red now having a more red colour to start the shadows from. The colours used are Red Shadow, Blood Red, Magma Red, Larva Red and Maiden Flesh. The dominant colour is the Blood Red, with the brighter highlights done by adding small amounts of Magma Red and then Larva Red, not so much to get the orange but to get a brighter red.


As per usual taking photos with the phone isn't conducive to getting good pictures but... I'm now much happier with the red - it looks red to the highlight now, not yellow.



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