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We are a few hours from the next goal and I think it's going to knock off some socks. At least we all hope so. We love you guys and we want to make you as happy as we can!


We can tell. ::D: Well I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure most pledgers feel the same. ^_^


BTW I have a few questions, all about Mister Bones!

1. Is Mister Bones exclusive to this promotion or will he still be available after the kickstarter is over?

2. You say he will be added to all "bones" shipments from this KS. Wraith, Ghost, and Liche levels are all metal only, and going strictly by what you said he would not be included. Whereas a lesser level, Ghast, does include bones, and would get Mister Bones added for free. I expect he is also excluded from apparel, paint, etc.. Is this all correct?

3. If you order multiple levels, say 1 vampire and 1 undertaker ($400+), then would you get 1x Mister Bones or 2x Mister bones? And if you order 5 Ghast levels, you would get 5 x Mister Bones?

1) Yes

2) He's excluded from any level that doesn't have something shipping in March 2013, unless you are getting an option that will, ship next year. You can add more if you like, but only if something in your pledge level or an Option you are adding ships next year.

3)One free Mr. Bones per backer.


The restriction is simply because of shipping cost for a single mini that was not part of the original "plan" and therefore outside of our costing structure.

allow me to clarify point 1) Yes, he will be available in distribution/retail channels after the Kickstarter is over. However, he will alway have a special place in our hearts, as we have journeyed with him as he helped us all to experience this project... I'm getting all weepy! Mr. Bones, we love you!!
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I honestly never thought we'd see a licensed mini in Bones production.  You guys are continuing to just blow my mind.

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