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Hey, what the....?




It's only a flesh wound it's not like it was a moose bite or anything. :rolleyes:


For those who didn't notice ladystorm is putting the stretch goals up in the News Forum.


Recently, a guy in Norway swerved to miss a moose and ended up hitting a bear. Out of the frying pan..... ::o:


And thanks for the heads up!

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Was looking at Kicktraq today. It seems possible that we could hit 100k in one day!


I posited that this might be possible back at around 9am, CDT, as we were already around 35K then. I'd say this has now moved beyond possible, and even likely, straight to assured. We will hit a 3rd stretch today, 100K, and break 500 new supporters.


The only real question is, do we have enough time/momentum to pile on 50K (from now) and make a 4th stretch goal tonight?


I'd say yes, yes we will.



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I coulda been a contender.

I swear I read that as "I coulda been a bartender"...

Was looking at Kicktraq today. It seems possible that we could hit 100k in one day!

Not just possible, I would say probable we will. It's been a glorious day so far!

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These new rapid-hit goals are addictive. I already want to know what's on the other side of the Nova guys.


I'm going to laugh if it's treekin or dryads or some such...


I normally don't get minis that I don't have some real use for, but for the Marines and Nova I might make an exception.

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I normally don't get minis that I don't have some real use for, but for the Marines and Nova I might make an exception.


GI Joe and Cobra of course!


Ohhhh no. You won't get me with your nostalgia for a major element of my childhood... Back! Back I say! ::P:

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