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I'm curious, do the Bones plastics paint any easier than metal?


There are a couple of threads around on the forum (some with links to external sites as well) with reviews of painting the Bones figures. Almost universally, people have loved how they take paint, particularly for the reason Mike just mentioned - no primering necessary.


I'd encourage you to search for those threads if you want to read more, rather than get it from me 2nd hand. ::):



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I have a question about the Sophie collection. It says all the previous ReaperCon Sophies are in the set, but I did not see the 2009 Sophie (01509) in the picture. Is it included?

That was an error when we shot the picture and because of our mistake it will include both!

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Well i've pledged for the liche lvl, with enough extra to get the vampire lvl, additions to the vampire lvl, a couple of extra UL sophies for a friend and assorted other smaller lvls :ph34r::bday:.

boy i'm glad i got money back on my tax return.

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I've painted Bones models with Reaper paint and GW paint straight to plastic with no real problems.


Basically any acrylic paint will work fine IMO, but Reaper are only obliged to test and promote their paints and most regulars here use Reaper paint primarily.


(I have shots of my Kobolds in the Show Off forum area here where all the browns are GW paint, on my blog is the Ogre Chieften where the only Reaper paint is Ancient Bronze)

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While I'm on a roll someone asked about other things that could get packs like the Undead one..


We could get;

More Kobolds (there are many more than the 3 currently in the Bones pack)

More Orcs

Lizardmen (yes please)

Gnolls (yes please)

Incorporeal Undead (in clear or tinted plastic please)

Vampires & Liches (including the Vampire Spawn please)

Creepy Crawlies (assorted beetles & spiders)

Dark Elves (drider & drow - yes please)

Ogres (more ogres to go with the Chieften )


Infernals (all the human sized demon/devil models)

Snakemen/Serpentmen (aka Yuan-ti for DnD players)


As Options


Hill & Stone Giants

Fire & Frost Giants (the "troop" versions instead of the King & Queen/ Character model versions)


Hmm that covers everything I can think of off the top of my head :)

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