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yes, and that's where the pirates are going to be. the last crypt is the pathfinder minis...pirates are the giant treasure.

Um, look at the Map. The pirates are the last crypt. The treasure room has yet to be revealed.


And let's not forget that pile o' bones in the corner there. I'd be willing to bet that's another stretch goal too.

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I'm getting a little worried to be honest. Right now I don't see how it will be economically feasible to have future operations done in the USA because of the amount that has to be spent to fulfill the Kickstarter obligations.


Right now the Vampire level has A LOT of miniatures, and while it seems to be in the benefit of the supporters to throw more money in now:


1) How does Reaper plan on making sure the models get shipped to the supporters on time? After all, we're talking about almost half a million bones figures--give or take a few thousand.


2) Will Reaper take the appropriate actions so that this doesn't become a point-of-no-return for possible manufacturing operations in the USA?


I'm not trying to be a party-pooper. I just don't want to see a good company--that has done a lot in the USA--getting shot in its foot because the Kickstarter might do too well.





Never fear! The Pugh brothers (owners of Reaper and as mentioned before accountants) have things well in hand. They have a Grimoire of Spreadsheets that us mere mortals can't even begin to comprehend. I gaurantee they have this Kickstarter project calculated down to the last tenth of a penny. If they didn't, or the numbers didn't work the way they wanted them to, they wouldn't have started this project in the first place. ;-)


As for brining operations to the USA, it's been stated before that is indeed part of the project as well.


Finally, Reaper's customer service is the BEST in the business!! They will MAKE it happen and get everybodys pledges fulfilled one way one another, when that tsunami of little plastic men hits their docks! :-D

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That & they can always ship Mr Van Horne out to someone if something goes wrong....oh wait did I just say that :devil:


While it would be nice if Bones were a Made in the USA product it wouldn't bother me one bit if they were made elsewhere. I mean look at the other hobby related stuff we have or at least I have that isn't Made in the USA. Heck, I'm not worried about it.


I will say I am glad the metal Reapers are made here mainly cause I get to see them casted at least once a year when I go to RCon. Kinda would take the fun out of that if those weren't....



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If you count the fact that we're basically paying $25 for Sophie, we're really getting the 130+ minis (not sure how many it's at now) for less than 60 cents each. It is hard to believe that's profitable, but I'm guessing that polymer must be astoundingly cheap to make. xD


It must be some kinda miracle mixture of flour, peanut oil, and dander.

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Thank you!


Though you might consider changing your description to shipping to US/Canada and shipping International.


Reason, as I am living international but can ship to US.


Speaking of spreadsheets. One needs one to calculate all the options :P

http://niagaragamers...canada-shipping if you live in the US or Canada


http://niagaragamers...edge-calculator if you live outside of those 2.


It's fan created, and doesn't update super fast at the moment, because said fan is at genCon, but it'll get most of the way there


I do not know if this has been answered before... but what shirt sizes are available?

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It's been my experience that many people don't understand how much mark up goes in to retail goods. Reaper's cost to manufacture a miniature (or even in this case, have someone else manufacture a miniature for them) is completely different than what you pay retail for it in the store. In fact, until they started adding all the other minis on from the stretch goals, I'm betting the cost that they are eating to ship your package to you for free was probably worth more than what they were paying for the miniatures in it (not the molds, mind you, just the raw materials/labor cost of producing a Bones model).



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Still cool, still more awesome value. I was just expecting something huge at a million bucks.
Understandable. I'm honestly wondering if it is possible for reaper to adjust unrevealed funding goals, basically spreading the goal posts after they saw how fast the funds were coming in. It doesn't bug me, but it seems logical the treasure pile might originality been the million dollar mark.


Though since I'm a fan of fish men, those are always welcome in my minis collection.

The CAV models were 3D printed, and then to convert them into a more durable form for mold making, these prints were sent to a jewler and cast into silver.
Well, that explains a lot.
Deep Dwellers look sexy.
In that case, The Esoteric Order of Dagon can help you find that special someone.
Dr. Bedlam is right. Without Wizards, there probably would not BE any D&D. Hasbro has done some things I don't care for, but WOTC is ok in my book.
That is usually how I feel, but sometimes I wonder if the fans scapegoat too many of the questionable decisions on Ha$bro.
And if that's not bad enough, they're technically competing with Pathfinder's own line of plastic minis, now...
Paizo is a good company, they might be reevaluating the pathfinder miniatures set up now that reaper is putting bones into overdrive.
I consider everything from this point onwards a mangled beast:



That cover marks for me the threshold. After that point the Power Creep took way off and reached the ridiculous and absurd. Skills & Powers; the Realms Priest Steroid Books; High Level Options. The Time of The Great Munchkin had come.

IMHO the high level book did have a lot of good advice for the first 1/3rd of the book. Skill & Powers / Spells & Magic however Bletch!
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