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So... then I got to wondering how big the thing is compared to its nearest competitor. So I found an image of a certain Colossal dragon standing next to a man-sized figure, and dropped it in for visual comparison purposes. D&D players who realize they can get the figure outlined in black for $25 through this kickstarter might be more inclined to see the value here... feel free to re-distribute this image as desired.... I grant permission... ;)





Oh Wow, that puts things into persepctive for me, because that D&D Mini...(can we really call it a mini?) Is sitting on my TV, Yay he'll have an equally sized friend if these sketches really are to size of the finished product.

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Just asked Ron: He says Nethyrmaul is going to be really big. Probably not as big as the overlay. Bigger than Deathsleet, for sure.


We'll get specifics out as soon as humanly possible.

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And Sophie on a T-Rex would in fact trump every mini we have ever made.


Sophie is on ME? JOY!!!!! ::D: (This will only make sense to those who've met me in RL or follow my YouTube Channel.)


Yep, and the guest hands in this latest one belong to Adrienne (Ron's wife for those of you who haven't met her yet).


Ron married a Skeleton? (The hands in the KS kickoff video.) ::P:


edited: To explain my inside joke

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Not only do I use outside models in my wargames (when I can), I actively seek them out! As I am a big fan of Games Workshop games (well, Warhammer 40k and Lord of the Rings), I want to have a bunch of models so I can play, but at the same time I hate to give inordinate amounts of money to a company that treats its customers so poorly. Of course, sticking to "What You See is What You Get" can be hard sometimes, especially with 40k, but it's really worth it when you get to be creative by using, say, Wargames Factory orcs as Mordor Uruk-Hai, or Reaper NOVA/IMEF marines as Imperial Guard stormtroopers.


And it saves the heck out of my wallet!

Nice! I love non GW figs in my GW games. For my own armies I'm a stickler for WYSIWYG (though for other's armies I'm a bit more flexible) but I've found that with the huge collection of bits that are avaialble it tends to be easy to convert non GW figs to WYSIWYG.

In fairness to wargamers, that attitude is generally directly related to the No Proxies rules that other companies place on their official tournaments. GW is the worst - you can't even play pick-up games in their stores if you use proxies. It has to be official GW or nothing.

True. However, I don't game at GW, and since they run almost no tournaments anymore and most indie tourney's are more lenient, it's a good time to check out the wide world of figs out side GW.

On top of that, some people who use proxies in wargames use them to facilitate cheating. It's a lot harder to know what your opponents army is capable of if he's using unofficial models as stand-ins for the official models, because you can't just look at the models and say "Oh yeah, that's a Flamer of Tzeentch, got to keep my unit out of range of its flame blast." You have to add in this whole second step where you remind yourself "Oh yeah, that Dwarven Bear Cavalry is actually a Khorne Bloodcrusher...or was it actually a Flesh Hound of Khorne?"



I'm not talking about random proxies, but alternate figures representing the same type of units.


As mentioned above, I'm a bit of a stickler for WYSIWYG, but as long as the size is right and the weapons have been converted so there's no surprised for your enemies, I'd actually prefer to see a non-GW fig for a bit of variety (especially if it's something old and cool) than another of the same figures that everyone else has. There's alot of great reaper figs, in and out of the kickstarter that are of a similar subject as a GW fig, at a fraction of the cost, and the added coolness of having something different from other folks who are playing the same army.


Now if they're cheating, that's a whole other thing...



Hi all.


Newbie miniature painter wannabe here. I am excited by this project to the point that I am all in and will try my hand at miniature painting. Looking forward to tips and getting my hand on brushes! :)


I realise there is alot planned and going on but I would like to put foward the idea of expanding the sophia trade in option that is has been outlined for Reaper Kickstarter Manager. I for one would like to see other options for trade in. Personally I would rather keep Sophie and trade in miniatures that would never be used in my world. I am purely a fantasy RPGer who may in time more to try his hand at fantasy wargaming.


As well as the kickstarter trade thread, think of the figs you don't want as really-cheap trade-bait. Each kickstarter fig is only costing you about 50 cents each. It's nearly-for-sure that you can trade it localy or on bartertown for something worth more than 50 cents!


I always like to have some trade-bait on hand to exchange with my friends. Even after splitting the Vampire with my 3 others, I expect that the kickstarter will net me a good stock of trade-bait.

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Whatever you pledge via KS is automatically charged on the 26th after close.


You'll be able to use the PM to adjust your total "pledge" upwards at that point to catch extras you might have missed, correct math errors, etc, and then pay for that via PayPal. However, there will be no way to adjust *down* after the initial pledge is charged (as it is being processed completely separately by Amazon).



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So I'm probably going to drop the Sophie mini and either get the Dracolich or the mini carrying case, but I'm really torn between the 2 that I want. : / One the dracolich is bad@$$, but the minis carrying cases are usually really expensive anywhere else. : /


If you can get the rest shortly after the fact...the upcoming RPM will let you pick up what you can't afford by Saturday...but in the interest of reaching goals, we're encouraged to pledge now what we can pay for Saturday.

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