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She already has a green? Is there a picture of this green? If not, might we impose on your patient and most illustrious self to contrive to get a picture of her green? Perhaps we could bribe you with . . . tasty candy? Fresh cookies? Green-skinned sexy alien ecdysiasts?


ecdysiasts? The only reason I can imagine a goblin even knowing this word is that there are…


oh god…


goblin strippers?



I really hope that's not a stretch goal.

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For anyone who was interested, the clockwork dragon is painted and up in the preview gallery, Kaladrax is painted awaiting photography and I'm mostly through Nethyrmaul. I hope to be done with it by m

Hello everyone! First post here on the forums.   I am a homeschool mom, and while taking my son out to do some donations to a local shelter, we stopped by when my son spotted a local game store. H

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When danger reared it's ugly head sir buglips turned his tail and fled. Brave, brave, brave brave sir Buglips

I think you meant brave sir biglips


ETA: I'm actually more entertained watching the backers ticker jump up.

Same here.



> I'd also like to reiterate the interest in seeing a picture of the green for the storm giant!!!! :D

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As thrilled as I am about all of new minis I get to add to my collection I am wondering what is really going on behind closed doors at Reaper at this point. I'd love to be a fly on the wall as they ride this roller coaster with us. On the one hand: "YEAY, MONEY TO EXPAND THE LINE!" but on the other hand "HOLY CRAP!! What did we get ourselves into??!!"


There has to be a tipping point where this no longer becomes the profit they wanted/needed. Between all the shipping costs, extra pay for extra hours, extra runs, extra material & manufacturing costs, etc. there has to be a point where it's going to actually put them in the hole to have 10,000+ orders. While the general consensus for business is that "success is a good problem to have" I wonder if they were really prepared for this much success, this fast, and that worries me. Concern is not only for the business itself, but for the people running it- this kind of success, and the problems it brings with it, cause all kinds of stress.


While I'm chomping at the bit to get the minis- I'll gladly wait a few extra months to get them if it takes some stress off the business and the people behind it. The last thing I want to contribute to is the downfall of a company and people I cherish. In many ways I wish they would stop adding new goals just to take some of the pressure off of everyone at Reaper. We have been given more than anyone could reasonably ask of them- to beg & demand more just seems... unappreciative.


Anyway- I'm thrilled with what I am getting and I sincerely appreciate everything that the Reaper team is going through (good and bad) to try to meet customer demands faster. Great job everyone!!! I hope you can all get some sleep on Sunday after the totals are in before you start trying to figure out how you're going to process 10,000+ orders for hundreds of minis, all at once. If I was closer to you I'd gladly volunteer my time helping to process orders.


Maybe the best post in hundreds of pages. Kings to you and Reaper.

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Certainly, I can see two more stretch goals. Three? perhaps. In fact, three would be spectacular. But, four? I am uncertain if we can reach four.


I really don't mean to sound pessimistic or cynical, if that's how I've been coming across. I'm just trying to avoid disappointment by keeping my expectations for the rest of the icing on this great cake realistically low.

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If they can get the payment issue fixed quickly enough, I think my prediction of 1/2 a million for today is good (we did 419K yesterday, and we're ahead of that pace already).


EDIT: Pledges are getting through, it must be fixed.



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Well, we also have to keep in mind that the people at Reaper are trying to keep up with the costs of manufacturing and shipping ~2.4 million miniatures, plus a whole bunch of paints, figure cases, etc. So I'm not expecting anything -too- epic, if they have indeed stashed some goodies for the final stretch.

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Yeah, we'll be hitting >3 million at the end unless something weird crops up.

Say the next goal is around 2.46, after that 2.68/2.7, after that ~3.0. If we're good at pledging, or Reaper has a trick up their sleeve, we might hit a fourth quite a bit above 3 million too.

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We can't NOT hit 3 million unless this kickstarter behaves unlike every single other kickstarter ever run.

We hit 500k 419k yesterday, we'll hit at least the same today, probably closer to 6/700, and the last bit will bring in a similar amount.

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