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With only about two hours left to go, I think there's a pretty good chance that Reaper will achieve their funding goal of 30K... and then some (by a large margin)! ^^


Wow! It's been an amazing ride! It's been fun keeping an eye on this campaign and watching it as it reached achievement after achievement and breaking all sorts of records! Milestones such as the 30K, 500K, and the MILLION dollar mark (only the tenth project that met that on KS I believe) seems so long ago as the project continues to rack up a couple of more million bucks. Truly amazing! The "$1,234,567" one was especially fun to watch as it fluctuated above and below it for a time as people tried make it land right at that mark.


The project, the ocean of comments, the unparalleled dedication of the Reaper team (there were updates in the middle of the night as achievements were reached!), all the many sites that promoted it (like the Paizo letters and fan-based ones), and even the tried and true word-of-mouth (I did my part!) has never let the excitement and interest to wane. That's incredible! Heck, we even broke the Reaper site at times! Kudos to the Reaper team and the backers who stayed up at all hours of the day (and passing the torch along to the next shift) answering questions, telling stories, making jokes, and everything in between. It's quite an experience to see so much camaraderie among all us gamers and hobbyist! (I must admit I chuckled hearing about the bachelor party stories and enjoyed hearing how some folks taught arithmetic to their little tykes with minis.)


Gah! I want to throw more money at the project but seeing how I'm already buying a Vampire set plus bonuses for a friend, who would otherwise miss out on it, I'm forced to choose what I can really afford for myself on this luxury good. Hearing about Update #40 that allows Sophie to be switched out doesn't help! ^^' I was all ready to pull the trigger to switch her out and then saw #49 (?) with that fantastic piece of art by Talin and it threw me right back on the fence with her... With no PayPal and all sorts of options in front of me, I fear that I'll still be in the final hour deciding on what my final pledge amount is going to be.


Again, it's been a fantastic ride! Let all of us reach the finish together and celebrate all across the world! Cheers and good luck, my fellow backers!!!

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For anyone who was interested, the clockwork dragon is painted and up in the preview gallery, Kaladrax is painted awaiting photography and I'm mostly through Nethyrmaul. I hope to be done with it by m

Hello everyone! First post here on the forums.   I am a homeschool mom, and while taking my son out to do some donations to a local shelter, we stopped by when my son spotted a local game store. H

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Congrats to Reaper and it's fans on the whole Kickstarter project. I have said for a long time something had to be done about the skyrocketing cost of minis. I am glad to see Reaper went to bat to do something and even happier that Gamers proved they are willing to help make it happen.

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With all these dragons... has anyone else thought of the Fireborn RPG anytime recently? It's an RPG where the PCs are dragons (by default). Okay all, I'm off to KS to break my F5 key. I swear that Sohie art is so educational as I don't think I've used the F5 key as much as I have on a website before. At least, not anytime this season. That art is a nice reminder. ^^

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Bonne batarde! Now I have to update my pledge to $285.... Ow.


A new sculpt for Kaladrax, too. :)


The Auld Grump

I'm sitting at $441. What has gotten into me?


ONLY $441??? Slacker. Our family has 2 Vampire pledges going (we have two different Amazon accounts) and all the extras (well, the majority of the extras) and overall we are sitting at $600 right now. (Plus I've gone to eBay and found a few that I've been dying for- like the discontinued hedgehog!!) So I think grand total our miniature bill (or giant bill depending on how you look at it) is sitting at $700. Wish I could spend the extra $100 here to get what I really want (the hedgehog) but alas.... no such luck. ::(:

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So I have to attend a very good friend's wedding at 6 pm. I'm basically gonna be checking the KS and Reaper sites en route to the wedding and whilst I'm waiting. I'm gonna be that rude a-hole on his phone.

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Under an hour to make 6 grand and reach the Kaladrax Goal! Sadly, I'm pretty much all in at $380.



I wonder if Reaper has an extra crazy goal for the last half hour? :upside:


Evidently yes. Yes they do.


Also: Grrzzklffft!!! Holy crud! Where'd I leave my wallet!?

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      These guys have been sitting on my painting table in a former sun-room for about two years. 
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      As always every C&C is more than welcome :)

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      Hi-res Pic 2
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