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Well, that was disappointing. Only $3.5 million dollars?! Man, we barely scraped past the minimum to get this thing funded.


Oh, wait… hold on… just a second… I might be off by a few…


…orders of magnitude.


In all seriousness, congrats and thanks to the busy beavers at Reaper who suffered through the last month.







Is it March yet?

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My favorite reveal for this entire kickstarter was the final Cthulhu figure. I immediately pledged extra to get him as well as the mythos monster upon seeing him. :) I've not been reading H.P. Lovecraft for very long now, but he is by far my absolute favorite author. I hope to get to be able to use these guys in a Call of Cthulhu game I run soon. :) Thank you Reaper.




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My vacation just haaaaad to end today. I spent all mornign at work sneaking peaks at the KS page on my phone...it crashed my pathetic little android version of firefox more often than not. Surprisingly the default android prowser was robust enough to let me at least glimpse the totals now and then before crashing back to the home screen. This was a hell of a long day. I got home just in time to see what looked like us failing to meet the last goal by $26 wbile Kickstarter choked and floundered

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Epic finish. This is not just a KS, it is legend. Gamers will be talking for years as to how Cthulhu brought down both the Reaper server and the KS servers in the finale bringing about mass panic to those trying to squeeze in that last upgrade/vampire. Psychology grad students and marketers will be analyzing the 45000+ comments and pledge pattern data for years to come.


Outstanding job, congrats, and many thanks to the folks at Reaper who made this happen. You all know how to put on a show ! Looking forward to those minis in March. Cthulhu will give new meaning to March Madness no doubt.

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As soon as I saw Cthulhu, I almost wet my pants not only upped my pledge to cover him, I upped it enough to cover another case. Just to help make sure we got Cthulhu. My final pledge: $440. My final haul:


Vampire Level

+ Cases (2)

+ Nethyrmaul

+ Undead Paint Set

+ Marine Paint Set

+ Forces of Nature

+ Demons

+ Hydra

+ Steampunk Dragon

+ Cthulu

+ Ebonwraith

+ Fire Giant King & Queen

+ Fire Giant Warriors x2

+ Frost Wyrm

+ Jabberwock

+ Kaladrax Reborn

+ Mythos Monsters

+ Pathfinder Dragon

+ Spider Centaurs

+ Undead Giant

+ Vermin x2

+ We Be Goblins

+ Deep Dwellers

+ Fire It Up! x2

+ Urban Legends Sophie Upgrade


309 miniatures, 24 bottles of paint, and 2 cases.


That works out to $1.31 per miniature/paint/case.


Christ. This is quite possibly the best purchase I've ever made.

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Final Pledge: $347 By the time I found out about The Great Old One I was frantically waiting for KS to load. I didn;t manage to up my pledge in time but I will when the RPM comes out.

Vampire x3 (1 for my brother)

Chronoscope +1 (My brother)



Colossal Skeleton

Figure Case

Mr Bones +1


And, when the RPM comes out 2x Cthulhu (I've got a friend in Mass with a birthday coming up and a serious Lovecraft fetish)

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I was working & there was no way I could change my pledge, but since I have 30 days to add to it I think I will get everything I want (plus I'm ditching Sophie for more big mini's)

my total was:

Vampire level

all 4 paint sets (right now I have no paints.)




Clockwork Dragon

Pathfinder Dragon



For a grand total of $267.00


roughly $.90 a item. Beats any damn sale my wife has EVER found!!!!!

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