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I got an email from Amazon that said my pledge was successfully paid up. I had no reason to believe it wouldn't be, but it's nice to know it's all done and paid for.


I got mine too. But I had upped my pledge $10 for a second Cthulhu as a gift for a friend. This was like 15-20 minutes before the meltdown, but it still didn't register. I'll have to up that later.

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As soon as I saw Cthulhu, I almost wet my pants not only upped my pledge to cover him, I upped it enough to cover another case. Just to help make sure we got Cthulhu. My final pledge: $440. My final haul:


Vampire Level

+ Cases (2)

+ Nethyrmaul

+ Undead Paint Set

+ Marine Paint Set

+ Forces of Nature

+ Demons

+ Hydra

+ Steampunk Dragon

+ Cthulu

+ Ebonwraith

+ Fire Giant King & Queen

+ Fire Giant Warriors x2

+ Frost Wyrm

+ Jabberwock

+ Kaladrax Reborn

+ Mythos Monsters

+ Pathfinder Dragon

+ Spider Centaurs

+ Undead Giant

+ Vermin x2

+ We Be Goblins

+ Deep Dwellers

+ Fire It Up! x2

+ Urban Legends Sophie Upgrade


309 miniatures, 24 bottles of paint, and 2 cases.


That works out to $1.31 per miniature/paint/case.


Christ. This is quite possibly the best purchase I've ever made.

I had a similar reaction when I saw Cthulhu. :)

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For those that waited until the last second to pledge. Kickstarter servers died during several of the larger pledge drives. Reaper strongly encouraged us to pledge early just to avoid unfortunate situations like this.


If you already have a base pledge in. They have already said the pledge manager will accommodate the addition of a late add on or corrections for math errors. If you missed cthulu you should be able to add him during the pledge manager portion.


If you don't have a base pledge I don't think there is much that can be done. :down: Sorry.


Congratulations on a very well run campaign guys. Enjoy your night of revelry! Then get some sleep. You're gonna be busy dealing with mold makers and the folks in China for a while.

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Ok. So. That was epic. I got a little misty eyed, when it ended. I am SO happy to be a part of this.


My final tally was $400 even. I threw in the last fifty bucks yesterday.


Reaper: If you ever do this again, warn me, so I can have my Xanax prescription filled ahead of time. Today was harrowing. I've been busy cooking and prepping for a party, and I'm back and forth every ten minutes, till the end (yes, even when everything was all broken). All my nails are little stubs.


Whew. Wow.


I'm glowing.

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Here is what I went for since I had most of everything offered in metal already (again thank you Reaper & Boneyard @ ReaperCon over the years!!!)


Started with just Sophie @ 25 for the above reason but then with all the neat options for Vampire I went ahead & opted for that level a few days ago. It wasn't till this afternoon that I decided to add my options in, as I wasn't sure if I could actually get them right now.


Anyways final lot is:


Vampire Level


Paint Set #2

Paint Set #4

Frost Giants

Clockwork Dragon

Fire Giant Warriors

Deep Dwellers



Big C!


+ the other freebie options we got along the way.


I'm over by 2 bucks so I may just add the Bones supporter badge or go after the Colossal Skeleton as I like the hammer version.


I recall the email said 2 weeks for the RPM. Is this exact wait or estimate? Kinda out of cash right now but I'd like revise if possible.


(BTW Amazon zapped me so I'm paid up!!)



I can't wait!!

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Yeah, thanks so much! This has been a great month, and the forum has been insanely entertaining. My only consolation now (asside from chanting "March... September!" is going back on the few pages I missed of this thread due to work.


THANKS REAPER!!! <3 <3 <3

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