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And not a giggle out of you, Baphomet, or I'll tell Tiamat where you live.



ETA: that would have been funnier if I'd not misread it as Bahamut. But I'm a goblin, so really I think I'm doing pretty good with this whole literamacy readin thing. And anyway, I'm totally in good with the evil queen of the harpies (will not make a wife joke, will not make a wife joke) so maybe I'll tell *her* where you live.






Don't mess with da lips.


Stupid demon lord tempting me with the demon harem.


My lips are sealed!


And the Tiamat bit is funnier than you realize...on the "Bones we'd like to see" thread, I make it a point to add Tiamat once per page of posts...



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Next thing you know, somebody in the future digs me up, sees me surrounded by 100,000 figures,

Didn't anyone ever explain to you how collecting minis works? You live long enough to paint every mini in your collection. With 100,000 figs, you'll live forever.



Except there is a competing theory that when the collection reaches critical mass, it collapses on you and kills you instead.


You've been warned. :;):



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Question - I want to get all the "options" available to the kick starter backers however.


If reaper could give a break down of all the current options via Google Docs or something of the sort...


Pretty Minis are distracting!


BTW Upped my pledge to 155.00 USD. ::D:

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Right now, you've got the best deal available until we've confirmed the next level will be available.


+$100 Vampire Level

+$10 Frost Giants

+$10 Fire Giants

+$10 Ebonwrath

+$25 Orcpocalypse



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Like you, HeadClot88, this will be my first real investment in Reaper miniatures. I did buy my wife a metal Klocke girl for one of her characters before. With these prices, this is going to be far more affordable than buying miniatures for my Pathfinder games from the new WizKids line.

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Fire giants - $10

Frost giants - $10

Ebonwrath (the dragon) $10

Orcpocalypse $25

Basic Paint Set (1) $18

Undead Paint Set (2) $18

Mind Your Manners $10

Urban Legend Sophie (nekkid) +$3


As a note.. The +$3 gets reg Sophie replaced with urban. To get BOTH Sophies, you would need to add $28.

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You might as well buy Darksword figs too;

The PC-usable Avalyne the Lifegiver was enough to sell me on that company, and it was only after thinking it over for some months that I said no. Because if I make an exception for that, I'll do it for Bob Murch. And if I do that, then I'll do it for RP Shadowrun. And then I'd do it for Otherworld. And so on.

Given you don't like to use greenstuff you might as well pass on Dark Sword based on my experience with them.

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