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Well, considering one of those 5 needed to reveal Rauth's tombstone is pretty much in the bag already (less than $300 to go, as of this post), 4 more is totally do-able by the end of the week, especially if some attractive stretch goals appear.


EDIT: Aaaaaaaand, we're there! Now to wait for Bryan to update. :;):



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Reaper, do you have a full-page flyer made up for the Kickstarter? I'm going to my FLGS in about an hour for game day, it would be great if I could print out some flyers to take and have them put up.





Thanks, Kit!


Wait, hold on a second! Doesn't anyone else see what a bad idea this is?


I love this project, but advertising in a FLGS for folks to go somewhere else to spend their $ is undeniably rude.


Depends on how it is presented to the store. I fully intend to take one to my local FLGS specifically for the purpose of getting them to pledge for an Undertaker level. If they share it with their customers beyond that, that's out of my hands.

This is a good way to go. Using it as a personal message to a FLGS owner to share an opportunity with them is good. The earlier poster was talking about putting them up at a FLGS which is entirely different and completely inappropriate.


Not only that, the more successful the KS is, the more product the stores will have available to sell...

EDIT: what I mean is, outside the Undertaker, Reaper will have more models available.

Still makes absolutely no sense. No store in the world is going to say


"Don't spend your gaming dollars here, go buy direct from the manufacturer so that they can have a wider variety of items to sell to us next year."


That's just silly.


In the FLGS the kickstarter should spread by word of mouth only, and even then on the DL. I'd never want to do anything to give a FLGS owner a bad feeling toward Reaper, that's a quick way to see Reaper product disappear from the shelves.

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Nice! Double whammy. The case looks sweet and who can't use townspeople?


I thought I was done with + options, but I just ordered two cases, tempted to get a third actually. They're much nicer than what I'm currently using.


This feels like an addiction.

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Ahhh! $3 away? Doesn't somebody want to make their Sophie Urban Legend nekkid?


Edit: Just passed it.


hehe. I'd love to, but between the parentsand gf I'd be killed. LOL XD


OOooo. I love that tray. :D I don't have to worry about the shipping right? Since I'm in the US.

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The Free Townsfolk at $385k is really great. As we play more scenario and narrative based games of SBH, these kinds of figs will be even more useful.


The minis case is nice too, but I make my own. Still, I bet alot of folks will pick that up and it's about time reaper had a new storage system,

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Wait, hold on a second! Doesn't anyone else see what a bad idea this is?


I love this project, but advertising in a FLGS for folks to go somewhere else to spend their $ is undeniably rude.


Also, even though the flyer is fan-made, it would not look good for Reaper's name to be on a flyer at a store that encourages patrons to go spend their money elsewhere. Not a good way to engender good feelings between the retailer and producer.


Seriously, Don't do it.


Do it, but be intelligent about it.


As a retailer, I can say that I would be quite piqued if a customer, even one of my regulars, just walked in and said, "hey I'm gonna hang up this sign" for something like this. I can assure you, if your FLGS carries Reaper minis and pays any attention to anything, they've heard about this KS. If they haven't already posted a sign themselves, or aren't telling everyone who buys minis there about the KS, it's a good sign they aren't interested in pushing people's money elsewhere.


That said:

Many FLGS have a public bulletin board where people can post MtG trades, Army Painting Services, etc. for all the world to see. If such a board exists, a KS poster would probably be fine ("hey come look at my ebay auctions" isn't much different from "hey donate to Reaper's KS," after all).


Also, most FLGS are excited about seeing their regular customers excited. And, as has been pointed out, this KS will generate more product for the FLGS in question, which means more sales (ideally). So, if you approach the matter with some decorum, and not like a rabid fan-boy*, the shop will probably be quite happy to let you tell everyone you see about the KS, and you may be able to get permission to put a poster up somewhere more "official" than the bulletin board. Just keep in mind that the retailer has final say about what happens in their shop, and if they ask you not to solicit there, don't.


Ultimately, treat the shop with respect and there's no harm in asking.


*Not making any judgments about anyone who's posted in this thread, since I don't know any of y'all personally (that I'm aware), but I've dealt with plenty of rabid fan-boys who had no idea they were doing anything wrong. Often, we geeks get really excited about a Shiny, and that's fine; however, if your excitement becomes incomprehensible, it does no good for anyone.

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Not sure I'm putting down for that case considering the bonus options already competing for my money. Not to mention those certainly coming soon. Certainly looks nice though.

Sadly I just ordered the kullhaven box a while back, but meh, who doesn't need some more NPCs! Wee!

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I actually think I'm more ecstatic over the towns folk then the cases just because I've been wanting to get them but couldn't justify doing so.


Also could someone place the large images of what you get for the Vampire pledge on Reaper's facebook page? I could post a link to it hosted elsewhere but then it will show up as a small image instead of something that stands out more.

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