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My wife has been very understanding of my miniature habit, and once she realized I could make money at it she's been down right encouraging! I've been talking to her about this Kickstarter a lot- last night even went into detail on how some of the stretch goals are auto-added, etc.



wait a second, you can make money doing this?! I just picked up the hobby to help control anxiety



Be warned that, as somebody who did do it for money (standards were a lot lower in the early 90's), there is some risk that it may suck all the fun out of it. For some people it doesn't. It turned me off the hobby for ten whole years.


Yep, you can make some money painting miniatures, but it's really a pretty small market in the broad strokes.


Most of what can be sold on Ebay are gaming specific miniatures. It's rare to be able to sell anything that's not tied to a game... or I should say it's a lot harder to get views for those items. That's why my auctions that just ended were for 40k minis.


The real reason I do Ebay, besides quick cash, is trying to drum up business for my commission work. That's where a little more money is, if you're good and have a good rep. I still don't have much of a rep, but my work's good enough to ask for decent prices. Just choose your prices intelligently and then stick to them. There are a lot of customers who expect a fantastic paint job for only a few bucks, which is unrealistic. They'll get scared away, but if that happens you know the job wasn't worth it.


I supported the Sedition Wars kickstarter for this reason- game related minis to paint and sell.


This Reaper kickstarter, however, is all for me. ALL for ME!



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The Only DHL fig I know was canceled was the cave stalagmite thing with tentacles. I believe WoTC told them you can't make that. IP and all.


You mean this? It is most certainly still available. Heck, they even made a little version. The new one is pretty awesome though. Maybe a good candidate for Bones, even.


Kris is right, however; the one he is talking about is the Astral Mauler that Matt mentioned earlier. From what I understand, it was awful on the molds, just shredding them. Kevin sculpted a new one that has taken its place in the line.


EDIT: Pics of old and new Astral Mauler:





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Wow, it looks like the townspeople will be added soon, and we may reach the fire goal today!


I was thinking back on some of the great deals that I've gotten on used miniatures over the years. I buy used miniatures primarily (80% of my purchases) oftentimes scoring batches of figs for less than a buck each. While those were mostly metal, this kickstarter has the potential to be a bargain on par with many of my best finds!


I just added up the Mummy level figs in metal: approximately $223.51, assuming you can get them all still, which you can't.


Then consider that Ebonwrath alone is $60.


I thought only limited special edition Reaper figures went actually OOP. Is that what you mean, or are there DHL/Warlord pieces that have been excised from the online store?


(That thought rather terrifies me, actually)


I'm not sure exactly what he is referring to. But there are a couple of the figs are versions unique to bones, and there are a few figs (concept art only so far) that haven't even been sculpted yet.

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This kickstarter is brightening my week no end.


However, with a hardwired budget of $200 I am not going to be able to get all the brilliant cheap stuff on offer; were I less broke (see, "brightening my week", above) I'd be in for four cases and both paint sets, two dragons, and all the options so far.


However, just plain "vampire" is amazing value. Ebonwrath is a no-brainer, and of the other options the Orcpocalypse is currently in the lead. With $25 postage that leaves me at $160. A case would only be in the cards if there's nothing as tempting to my pallet as Ebbie or the 'pocalypse... which I doubt.


The added freebies as stretch goals are unlocked are really making me smile. Thanks, Reaper!

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Just wondering how much the figures at the vampire pledge level overlap with your collections of reaper minis.

I collect primarily Reaper and have cases and cases full assorted heroes and monsters stretching back more than a decade.

However despite the amount of Reaper metal occupying my basement, I only have 6 minis that I will end up with doubles of:


02833: Medusa

03517: Mockingbeast

03461: Goldar the Barbarian - mine has a broke ax so i am happy to get another

02712: Eyebeast


The Strumpet from the townsfolk stretch goal

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