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For anyone who was interested, the clockwork dragon is painted and up in the preview gallery, Kaladrax is painted awaiting photography and I'm mostly through Nethyrmaul. I hope to be done with it by m

Hello everyone! First post here on the forums.   I am a homeschool mom, and while taking my son out to do some donations to a local shelter, we stopped by when my son spotted a local game store. H

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So . . . uh . . . if we selected our reward already, we can change that, right?


I mean, it's totally not like I'm thinking about switching my Reapercon sophie pledge to a pile of giants and dragons or anything. Totally not like that at all. I'm just doing, uh, research. Yeah? Strictly research, for informational purposes only. Curiousity, you might say.

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I'm sure it will be, and apparently there is more than one level in the crypt, but getting down that deep might be a struggle.

Well if it is placed at ~500k we'll get there in good time before the close. Considering other big kickstarters have gotten crazy bumps in the last few days I can see this one completely blowing up if there are bunches of "free" goodies in there. Besides there just has to be something amazing for opening that thing.


To whoever wonders, they just gave some really good comparison shots on the kickstarter comments:



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