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Kickstarter Discussion Thread

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The size and complexity of Rauthuros would just about have to preclude him from being and add on and he is on track right now for a +option. Making him available to all levels would be very cool though.

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For anyone who was interested, the clockwork dragon is painted and up in the preview gallery, Kaladrax is painted awaiting photography and I'm mostly through Nethyrmaul. I hope to be done with it by m

Hello everyone! First post here on the forums.   I am a homeschool mom, and while taking my son out to do some donations to a local shelter, we stopped by when my son spotted a local game store. H

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Oh, you just wait! there's plenty more teasing where that came from!


*checks budget*


*looks at cat sitting contentedly in corner*



You gonna be eatin the real cheap food, puss. I know you ain't gonna like it. But you gonna do it.

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Wait,,, not to plant any thoughts, but kitty is protein right?



If you should like to know, and I am not kidding, that cat's actual name is Emergency Rations.



ETA: To placate the vet, I let them call her Emma Rae and put that on documents. I also put that on the tag, lest she get out and give somebody an idea. 'Cause, y'know, a cat comes up with a label that says Emergency Rations you just don't know what's going to happen.

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You just had to tease me with more dragons.


Oh, you just wait! there's plenty more teasing where that came from!


Hmm. Don't the REALLY Big Dragons usually have their lair deep underground?


Just sayin. ;)

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So I have a dumb question.


If I were to, say, pledge a significant amount for one of those greens . . . do I have to have that green?


Because if you've got some more, I dunno, Dennis Mize sexy lady greens kicking around I'd find that infinitely more tempting than the others.


Not that the others aren't good, but you only offered one Mize sexy lady green and she was gone before I even found out about the kickstarter. I do, however, understand that "altering the deal" after pledges for greens have already happened might seem unfair and make people feel a bit Lando Calrissian.


So I expect I already know the answer to my stupid question. But . . . figured it was worth asking. A lot can happen in 16 days.




And just so you know . . . I would do unspeakable things for a Dennis Mize green. Unthinkable things. Unthingable things!

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Gah, how did end up in $185. Man, might as well go for Undertaker at this rate . . .

I'd rather have all the delicious options than one more of each mini honestly. I'm getting these for RPGs, and we rarely use a whole bunch of the same minis. Also up to 215$, blarhgahghg!

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