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Warlord-Intro Game: "Battle for Eastern Taltos" at Hurricon in Orlando, FL, SEP 28 2012

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Just wanted everyone to know I will be running a Warlord game at HMGS-S's conventin Recon in Orlando, FL on SEP 28th. The session runs from 2p-6p and will be geared around learning the system. I plan on having 4 seats with each player running a Troop of aprox. 500 pts against a GM controlled force. The goal will be to take down key enemy models to earn points.


You can find more information about the game at the following link:




You can find out more about Hurricon at this link:






[email protected]


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Thanks for the well-wishes! Looking forward to "pimping" the game system, it's one of my favorites and a regular in our rotating club games. Speaking of pimping, Hurricon is 3 days packed with gaming, vendors and lots of fun. Even though the organization running it is "historical" the cons have plenty of games from all genres, scales and categories (tabletop, board and RPG). Worth checking out if you are in the area or driving distance.




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