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Red Mantis Assassin


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Here is my attempt at a speed paint. Did this in an hour and a half (that's probably not very fast but I'm working on it). Sorry the photo is kinda wonky...didn't realize my camera was going out on me. I hope that doesn't make it too difficult to see the paint. Criticisms and comments always welcome. thanks.


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Since it was asked for here was my method for painting this mini:


I used acrylic/citadel (sorry reaper) for all my paints except one brown ink wash. (all times are approximated to include application and drying)


1.) Primed in black (2 coats) (30 minutes)

2.) Blood red mixed with brown ink for armor (first coat) (3 minutes)

3.) Bood red for armor (second coat) (10 minutes)

4.) Boltgun metal on for large swords. Codex Grey for small blades (applied while waiting for step three to dry)

5.) Drybrushed Blood red tinted with Skull white on armor areas (2 minutes)

6.) Blood red mixed with snot green for cloak, 'leather' bits and 'eyes'. (5 minutes)

7.) Applied touch ups and more precise highlights to armor. (10 minutes)

8.) Snakebite leather tinted with Skull white for highlights on cloak, leather, eyes. Snakebite Leather for belts. (5 minutes)

9.) Black wash for swords and blades. (2 minutes)

10.) Tin bitz for sword reflection (2 minutes)

11.) Picked out extra highlights on swords, blades and eyes in Skull white. (2 minutes)

12.) Gold for ring buckles on legs, ruby belt buckle. (3 minutes)

13.) Touch ups and Skull white highlights on swords, blades and eyes. (3 minutes)

14.) Drybrushed snakebite leather for 'gravel' base. (2 minutes)

15.) Codex grey for cobblestones. (2 minutes)

16.) Blood red and Snot green for bottom base (3 coats) (10 minutes)


...and that's roughly how I did it. Thanks for all the comments and interest.

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