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Did you ever try any of these, Smokingwreckage? I'm in a similar position of looking for a dungeon crawl to play with the kids. I did find a page that has Advanced HeroQuest scans that you can download for free. You'd basically have to print your own rulebook and tile sets as well as come up with your own minis (not a problem for most of us on the minis!). I'm thinking of going that route. I'd post a link, but I'm not sure if that would be kosher. A quick google search will find the page I'm referring to though.


Posting links here is totally fine, as long as they aren't to your auctions and such.

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http://www.dark-platypus.com/shop/bendy-dungeon-walls A neat way of making dungeons!


http://dungeoncrawl.smackwell.com/buy.htm a HeroQuest-inspired dungeon crawl game with printable boards, etc. $15 and you avoid any copyright issues.





Okay, as an update: so far I have played two games using hacked-up Ares. It is very fast and simple. I added the Ares: up close and personal rules from the Ares-Variants Yahoogroup, but found the activation system to be... not quite right. Next game I will reinstate the simple turns system: on the hero turn every hero gets to move then attack, on the monster turn every monster gets to move then attack. Ares magic has no limits on use (you can cast every turn) but that just means I need to throw in more monsters ;) I ignore morale. Also, I think the Up Close and Personal dice pool might be less slick than the Ares default dice system, but the jury is still out on that. I am also thinking UPC&P might be more oriented to Mordheim style hero-versus-hero play.


Ares is very open-ended and as detailed as I need. It uses a cute little system of various sized dice, opposed rolls, and bonus damage that plays nicely and forces little miss ten to do some mental arithmetic. Bookkeeping is minimal. The problem is there's no material for her to engage with; no monster manuals and so on to entice her into reading and doing maths in order to gain advantage in the game. (Also I'm having trouble setting a credible challenge. Inexperience, I expect.)


I have since also downloaded and read "Swords and Wizardry" which is not much more complex, apart from the XP, levelling, and inventory. I think levelling and the gradual power/abilities creep might be necessary to keep me interested, but 'tis also a bit of a headache, and might require a more engaged player.

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I remember maybe back in '08 that the game store I gamed at got a couple of free samples of the bendy walls. I remember thinking it was kinda neat, but for what you were getting, (10 x 5' sections for I think it was like 12 bucks) it was too expensive. Not practical to make a dungeon out of. I'm glad to see that they've adjusted the amount vs. cost. However since I'm now into Hirst Arts, I don't see me getting any of these. But it might be a good option for a DM that has more money than time.

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