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Does anyone else keep checking the KICKSTARTER website?


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Nah. I made a widget that auto updates the current total. It even sends me a text message when we're within $500 of the next stretch goal.


I'll be putting a version of it up on our front page in the next day or two.

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I can't help it, I keep checking the kickstarter website to watch the number grow.



OOOOhhh. It just went up again.


Anyone else have this problem?




But it's not like I'm addicted or anything. I can stop looking anytime I want to... Uh... Sorry, I gotta go check on something totally unrelated.

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I really like Kit's widget. My phone always has the current total displayed, so I can do my day job and only have to refresh to answer comments.


The text when goal is approaching is nice, because it means if it's late at night and we're close-ish (happened 3 times so far!), I can go to bed, and wake up with a few minutes to get ungroggy so I can update the site.

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You mean like have it open, and watch it through out the day, and log the totals I see periodically in a spreadsheet so i can see just how how far it goes while I'm working?


No, No, I don't do that...


Really, I don't.



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