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Does anyone else keep checking the KICKSTARTER website?


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I'd trust any of the major Visa/MC/AMex, but watch where you get it - you want to avoid ones with fees or contracts.


Get one of the Giftcards from those brands, they don't have fees that I'm aware of.

Really watch where you buy it from - as I mentioned earlier, stay away from WalMart. A bank or credit union is the best place to get them.


Also, you might check with your bank or credit union for options. A few years back, I had a bank that would issue a single use credit card number that you could use to charge something online with. I don't recall who it was, I just remember using it for a large purchase.

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We'll have something that will appeal to you at the end of the campaign.


Does that include the $110 sophie set and the $25 and $28 sophies? If so, how much would they be after the campaign?

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We'll have something that will appeal to you at the end of the campaign.


Does that include the $110 sophie set and the $25 and $28 sophies? If so, how much would they be after the campaign?


We have ideas for things, but nothing is set in stone. So I can't answer your question. Sorry.

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I'm getting so bad that I'm neglecting the other forum communities that I normally frequent (like this one).


The Reaper Kickstarter forum has been a lot of fun. I hope that those who aren't already part of this forum come over after the campaign finishes.

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I was expecting it to be at $340,000 when I woke up this morning. It's not going up enough. Tell your friends they need to stop investing in gold and invest in plastic instead! After all, plastic has never been worth zero. :poke:

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