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How do you manage your shelf of shame?


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I moved away from a Shelf of Shame to a Closet of Shame, and then on to a Vault of Wonder. Sometimes it's a resource, sometimes I wonder where I put that particular mini. :;): It may be just a matter of scale and semantics, but keeping a positive attitude toward it helps prevent me from feeling overwhelmed. If not, I'd get stuck in the raw numbers generated by 30+ years of accumulation & reduction. I used to break most new minis out of the package, clean and prime them. The "really good ones" - the ones I was afraid to paint for fear of ruining it or failing to do it justice - stayed in the package. Now I wait until actually beginning work. I'm over the fear, just waiting for the time to actually work on a model without having a large set of WIPs on the workbench for long spans of time.


So, plastic shoebox-sized containers and three-drawer storage cubes include a mix of primed, loose, painted, and NIB. If I recall correctly, I last counted in 2006 or so, and at that point I had approximately 3000 minis, mostly fantasy and a hundred or two medieval historical 25mm. Those numbers change up & down depending on varying cycles of buying and selling because of games, auctions, Kickstarter, household income, etc. I don't bother attempting an arbitrary limit or taking an oath to paint more than I buy. Sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't. I just don't stress over it or call it Shame anymore because it's just my hobby, not something I need to fold my value or identity into. I have considered changing my forum handle because it was based, at least in part, on the hoard / horde of unpainted metal in my Closet of Shame.


Oh, and I also have a display cabinet for painted models. It also has unpainted minis in it - mostly those that are a bit rare, collectible or have special value to me. I also display 'exchanged' models, a few rocks & minerals, awards and other collectibles. Why? Because it's a display cabinet, open for displaying more than just minis I've painted. So, I don't have a strong divider between painted & unpainted, or between pride and shame. I display things I like to see and store everything else.

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