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"Is that ... the DEVIL?"


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Narnia has been criticised as promoting evil too. Even though it is a Christian allegory, some religious types say that by being fantasy it promotes witchcraft and other evils. You can't win.




...that's a new one on me. C.S. Lewis flat out SAID he wrote it as Christian allegory. Then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the sheer flatheadedness of some people....

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While not a "satanic" story per say, D&D was my first act of rebelion.


My parents bought into the 70's craze of "D&D players go crazy and kill themselves/others" myth. They absolutly refused to buy me any D&D books or anything hobby related. i was in the 4th grade and I guess they figured that would stop me from getting into it. Boy were they wrong. I scrapped every penny I had together from od jobs and lleft over lunch money to get a couple of books and a set of dice.

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...fourth grade? Crap. I was in junior high... but, then, D&D didn't actually exist much before then. If I had been your father, I'd have been happy you were willing to work your tail off and save to buy something you wanted.

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I played D&D in the late 1970's before Kinkos or photocopy machines were all over the place. A small printing / stationery store had a copy machine and I went in to copy some maps for a game. The proprietor noticed my books and asked "Is that for Dungeons and Dragons?" and I said yes, as I made my copies. Then he got into a "stance" -- scientists who study chimps would probably have a name for it -- and he said "I asked my son to stop playing that and he did. It's all a mind game." So I paid my dimes and left. I had a feeling that he wanted to kill me to set an example.

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I do have a childhood friend who lost his family because he spent the diaper money on M:TG, but that's another story.


I grew up in rural Michigan, and D&D was evil there, even though the people saying (1980) this made a point of watching the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. This was, by the way, the above-mentioned friend's mother. Aanyhoo.


I'd pretty much assumed that whole thing had passed by now, it's interesting to see it's got holdouts somewhere.

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I do have a childhood friend who lost his family because he spent the diaper money on M:TG, but that's another story.


....okay, that's the very face of addiction, right there.


And the reason the whole thing about "vaccinations cause autism" thing bothers me so much is because once it gets out and into the heads of the not too bright... it is VERY slow to be brushed out by the cold hard light of truth and logic. Everything one has heard about "that dragons and dungeons game" is likewise. Whatever happened to the days when you could buy it out of the Sears catalog? Sigh.

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Whatever happened to the days when you could buy it out of the Sears catalog? Sigh.


The video for the Goalsystem Delves Kickstarter featured the old page from the Penneys catalog. I'm a grown man and I almost cried when I saw that again...what I wouldn't give to have that period back, or at least access to those exact items...

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I was surprised when I saw the new Red Box for D&D at Wal-Mart.


Either that, or they know durn good and well there's nothing religious or irreligious about D&D, any more so than Monopoly or Battleship.


Although it amazes me to think of this stuff at Wal-Mart. I hadn't seen it there. Then again, I don't shop at Wal-Mart a whole lot...

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Someone one asked my mother back during the early '80's if she objected to me playing D&D...

She replied that she'd much rather have me playing D&D which had not only increased my prodigious interest in reading and sharpened my basic math skills but also generally got me socially involved with other children than blowing off my large excess of creative energy in less scholastic and artistic pursuits....

Well, actually, no she didn't... What she actually said was "I'd much rather have him sitting in his room reading some book or playing a game with other children than be out running around shoplifting, fighting, setting fires or blowing things up..." biggrin.png

(Which, coincidentally, happened to be amongst my other hobbies at the time, lol... What can I say, I was a bit of a prodigy, hehe...)

My mother, for good or ill, was never one to let others influence her opinions.

I've seen both good and bad reactions from people back in the old days of the Big Scare -
(I'm sure I may have told these stories before on this forum, and know I have on others)

- In junior high, we were allowed to go to the library on lunch break when we were done eating, and I was there almost daily. By the end of 7th grade, I'd literally read a quarter of the books in the library. The librarian absolutely loved me... (Possibly even in an inappropriate fashion - she not only let me eat lunch in the library but occasionally gave me a candy bar or other snack... Looking back on it, I can see that some of it may have bordered on creepiness.)
One day she saw me reading some game books in the library and asked what I was doing, so I explained that I was making a character for a game. I told her the name of the game was "D&D". After I explained to her what the game was about, and all the math and reading that went into it, she was excited about it. She even said that it was a great way to get kids interested in reading.
I asked her if we could set up a game in the library during lunch if we weren't loud, and she agreed quite readily. We played for about half the school year, and everything was going great.
And then, it all fell apart.
One day this intelligent, rational woman, whom I'd had many interesting discussions with, happened to look over at our table and see the title on one of our books read "Dungeons & Dragons". She stormed over and asked, "Is that Dungeons & Dragons you've been playing this whole time?!?" with an outraged look on her face.
She immediately banned up from playing in the library ever again.
Apparently, some other librarian had told her all the crap about the game that was going around... And, despite being an intelligent, rational woman who'd seen us playing the game for almost six months and knew exactly what we were doing the whole time (you can't tell me she hadn't seen the covers of our books that whole time), she chose to buy into the whole BS pedal-to-the-metal at that particular point for some reason and freak out on us.
She had been threatening to take our books away and report us to both the principal and our mothers, even get us suspended or expelled, but I fortunately had the presence of mind (and was angry enough at what I saw, and still do see, as a betrayal by a trusted friend) to remind her that she'd been breaking school rules by allowing me to eat lunch there and giving me special treatment, and that she'd get into even more trouble than we would...
Needless to say, I didn't spend too much time in the school library in 8th grade.

- When my 4th grade Catholic Catechism teacher found six of us huddled in a doorway after class trying to keep our character sheets dry in the pouring rain and using rocks and twigs as miniatures on a map sketched out on a pile of sand, she began letting us play in her classroom after class. She was fascinated by a game that let you become someone else for a little while and live out a heroic fantasy. And she didn't see anything wrong with a game that involved pretend magic or fighting evil...
In fact, Sister Maria soon became Sister Maria The Benevolent, our party's cleric. Since she was new and didn't understand the rules very well, I simply told her that her character could perform any miracle that any of the saints or Jesus had, as long as she could name the saint and miracle. Oh lord, did she ever have a hell of a time...
She walked around with no armor but her robe and carried no weapon but a walking stick, healed anyone and anything that looked the least bit like they might be ill and she gave all her gold away to the poor. She even blessed babies and performed marriages, lol.
I once set up an encounter where I made the mistake of having an orc shaman say his god was better than hers...
Our nice, sweet little Sister Maria The Benevolent became absolutely apoplectic. I thought she was going to have a stroke. Then she brandished her walking stick over her head, bellowed out "Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaspheeeeeeeeeeemerssssss!!!", and charged the orcs.
The six orcs with the shaman went down like chumps - two never even got to attack. I sent in reinforcements. Another six orcs. Two of them went down without even a good warcry. Rinse and repeat.
Several rounds later, a 2nd-level party had demolished nearly two dozen orcs with barely a scratch.
(Protip: Never roll dice with a member of the clergy... That woman could roll a nat 20 on a d6.)
Another time, later on, the party was in a wine cellar getting the everloving crap kicked out of them by a vampire who was using it for his crypt. Half the party was either down or dying, and the vampire had Sister Maria jacked up by the neck with one hand while pimp-slapping the fighter with the other. It came to Sister Maria's turn, and I could see her concentrating with all her might on what to do. We waited. And waited.
And then, just as I was about to ask her if she was going to take her turn... She announced that her character reached back behind her head, grabbed two jugs of water from the shelf she was pressed against, recited IN CHARACTER the exact prayer Catholic Priests use to make Holy Water... and smashed the two jugs together with his head in the middle... blink.png

I... was speechless. I just kind of sat there, looking at the others in the group. They looked back at me. We all just kind of shrugged. There was really nothing else to be done.
So I announced that the vamp burst into flames and died a horrible screaming death in the greatest of movie-vampire fashions.
How could I not? Y'know?
Sister Maria was, without a doubt, one of the most fun people and one of the best roleplayers I've ever gamed with.

Anyway, I've seen both sides of it from people who you'd think would be on the other side of the issue.

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Anybody remember the game Crossbows & Catapults?


I remember playing that one time and my grandmother was visiting. I'd recently been reading an article in one of those real cheapo "teen mags" that were around at the time - the ones with bowl-haircutted kids in striped shirts on the cover and bland articles about movies inside. Crap mags, but virtually free. One had an article about D&D, which really didn't explain much to me except there were, like, these dungeons, and sometimes dragons.


But there was a blurry pic of some miniatures and dice, which happened to barely resemble the figures with my C&C game.


So Gramma asked what I was doing, and I up and said: "I'm playing Dungeons and Dragons!"




Back of her hand. Then a foam-mouthed, red-faced admonishment to NEVER EVER SAY SUCH AN EVIL THING AGAIN OR THE DEVIL WOULD STEAL MY SOUL.


This rather alarmed me.


Then, about a year later, a new hobby shop opened up. I was quite a fan of plastic models at the time, so I went in to look at some. But along my path lay a suprise menace - a book rack of AD&D hardcovers!


What foul wizardry was this? I merely wanted to purchase myself a plastic aircraft carrier or, perhaps, a battleship. Instead I find my path beset by satan's bandit horde!


I jinked to the left, but it was blocked by three blue-haired ladies in the crochet aisle.


I then manuevered to the right, but that aisle was blocked by kids ogling legos.


I was trapped. It was only me and the library of satan.


I steeled my resolve. Marched forward, careful not to let my growing fear show. There was already a kid there, older than me, who was looking through one of the books. It had already ensnared its first victim!


I would not be next!


I crept ever closer, and spied the name of the evil tome: Monster Manual. No doubt instructions on how to be a societal menace, full of wickedness like stealing grapes from the supermarket or kicking the video arcade machines. A book on how to be bad!


I slinked slowly past, but could not resist one look into the forbidden pages. One glance, that was all. A tiny peek!


I saw a succubus. She had boobies. And wings.


Never looked back. I can resist a lot of things, but not boobies and wings. Boobies and wings win every time.


So there you have it. Technically, my gramma was right. I was seduced into D&D by a demon. A sexy demon. But I think life's been more fun this way.

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