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"Is that ... the DEVIL?"


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I have a brief story.


In the late 80's there was a group called B*A*D*D, Bothered about Dungeons and Dragons. It was a group of concerned educators, parents, councilors, etc. They were going to have a seminar in my hometown to inform parents and educators about the EVIL of D&D, and Heavy Metal Music and how it leads to Devil Worship and other nefarious deeds.


I gathered a group of well-rounded individuals to speak at their gathering. It was 15-20 people. The group included National Honor Students, Valedictorians, and Salutatorians from several of the High Schools in the area, Teen Sunday School Teachers and 6 Eagle Scouts. I presented my list and we were accepted to speak. At some point, someone on their organizing committee realized that one or more of us were "Gamers" players of that vile game Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.


Three days before the seminar I was called and told, we were NOT welcome to speak at the event, and we were not permitted to attend. As it was held at a paid for facility we couldn't crash it either without repercussions so we abided by the rules.


I called them a bunch of hypocrites in a letter to the editor of our local paper, that was printed in counter to their big add in the paper.


I would have loved for us to make it to the podium after they had lauded us as fine examples and then dropped our bomb on them.

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I have read a great deal about BADD over the years. I'd like to be able to say that its founder, Pat Puller, was just a hypocrite and a greedhead; she accepted quite a bit of money over the years as a "consultant" for police and parent groups, pointing out "symptoms" of gaming and bad thinking in the local kids.


Regrettably, I think she believed what she preached. Her son was a D&D player, and he committed suicide. Admittedly, bankers, lawyers, and golf players also commit suicide, but she decided that gaming was to blame, and she took it to a level beyond, supposedly with the best of intentions. Bad thing is, once this idea gets planted in someone's head, they are often most resistant to any kind of counterinformation. I like your style, chaosscorpion, but I honestly don't think anyone there would have listened to you, no matter how earnest and honest you may have been.


Her organization pretty much died with her. I hope she's found some peace.



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Anybody remember Chick Tracts?



Here's some mind-melting reading:








ETA: Y'know, if we all put our collectively accumulated occult powers from years of playing D&D together . . . I bet we could replicate Debbie's "mind bondage" spell on Bryan or Clark and get them to reveal all the stretch goals and give us more Bones freebies.

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I couldn't tell you if she'll be there, but she's attended the last few. If she's there this time, you can ask her yourself. She tends to make a bit of an entrance; you can't miss her.


tumblr_m8x7pw2D7x1rao9jio1_1280.jpg ...and note the Sophie on the banner in the background...

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A couple of stories, but first let me say that as a Christian, I am more than familiar with the stigma that is placed upon gamers. Sometimes it worse than others depending on what kind of church. I think that the worse was basically my ex-mother in law (7th Day Adventist), forbidding my then girlfriend from dating me when she found out that I was playing D&D. And when my ex continued to date me she was thrown out of the house!

Another time, around '98 I was temporarily assigned to the USS Washington. I was in the library reading over a Dungeon Master's Guide, and let me tell you what, when you pull out a game book on a ship and folks find out you DM, you have no shortage of players. Anyway as I was reading a Lieutenant Commander stops next to me and asks me if I played? When I replied yes, he sat down across from me and started chatting. Turns out he was the ships Chaplain! I was expecting to get a lecture, but instead I got invited to the weekly game he ran! Seems he saw it as a great opportunity to chat with sailors that he wouldn't see otherwise.

Last year, I started up a new group in Spring Hill, Fl when I was there. My best (human)friend wanted to give roleplaying another shot as he hadn't been roleplaying since our MERP group in the early 90's. So I said sure, I'll run a game although it was going to be Pathfinder not MERP and did he know anyone else that might be interested because it's better with at least 4 players? He said that he could did up some folks. So come Thursday night, the knock comes at my door, and there are 6 guys at my door. See my friend is the head pastor at a church over there. He brought the two other pastors and 3 church staff members with him! So my gaming group for a while consisted of entirely church staff! Although we did kinda keep it on the down low to avoid any problems.

And most recently, I felt God calling me to join the Catholic Church. Anyway, during the RCIA, where you learn about the Church, we were asked to stand up and let folks know about ourselves, why we joining the Church what our interests were, that sort of thing. So as I'm standing there I of course list role-playing as one of my interests. The pastor asks me what that is. I figure here we go and start to explain that it's a game where we battle goblins and orcs and dragons, not mentioning demons or devils of course. The priest then asks me if I know that Satan takes the form of a dragon. I reply that I do, once again thinking , oh boy here it comes. But the priest asks, and you fight against the dragon? I reply, yes. He does this little fist pump and says, keep on fighting brother. Anyway, big relief on my part!

So those are just some stories

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Awesome stories, DR. I remember MERP! It's what got us well under the "D&D" radar back in the day. We stepped from that into Rolemaster. I have never recovered from the sheer, terrifying lethality of that game! I only ever had one character last more than a handful of sessions!


So yeah. If Chick was right, MERP and RM would have left a trail of suicides a mile wide. With detailed notes behind them, like


"It hurt me so much when Prince Proudears got his kneecap shattered while wrestling a goblin, but I held on... for love! When he suffered extensive facial scarring after fumbling the cooking, still I stayed loyal.


But his lingering death due to renal failure after the nasty infection he got off the major abdominal subcutaneous trauma inflicted by a rusty late medieval era falchion broke my heart! I can no longer live without Prince Proudears! I'm going to end it all by messing about with a knife until it accidentally stabs me right through the brain."

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