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The Ghoul Queen...


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This is another installment of my pieces that I got bored with and repainted...lol Im honestly not sure what the background piece has to do with the figure, butit was fun to paint anyways.


I think it looks pretty cool....what ya think ?!?!?




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Nice! However, if I might make a suggestion, her skin tone is a little too warm and pink for a ghoul queen. She looks more like the Prom Queen, IMO.


Very True....I didnt really think about that when I was painting it and what the figure actually was...lol

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My degree of criticism depends on how good you want to be :P


Really, very good work. Not quite totally amazing, but definitely on the way! I think I see a few specks and spots of over-paint and maybe you could thin a little more.


But yeah, it's very good stuff and I bet it looks brilliant on the table or in the hand! I like the purple, and the shading on the red, and the transition on that creepy green spikey bit on her head.

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