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02564, Giant Scarab Beetle

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I had to rework the Scarab to fill some gaps along the legs and I decided to fix the shell to the bottom part.



I left two holes under the shell to fix the wings later, when they’ll be painted.



It’s true that the braches of the tree are straight and horizontal but I meant them to be this way.

Many trees grow with horizontal branches, Pine tree or Cedar tree are good example.

My favourite tree being the Black Pine tree I’ll try to reproduce one on my diorama.



I'm adding some pictures I took recently as I find them very inspiring.









As for the Scarab facing the Imps to fight them, I agree that it could represent a more dynamic scene.

So, I’ll work with this idea in mind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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I love the look of that last picture (a cave I assume). Going to have to save that as if I ever get the gumption to do diorama's it would be a sweet setting.


Yes, the bigger hole on the right looks like a burrow or at least a temporary refuge.


Here are some more pictures of my diorama progression.

I used some Milliput to continue the base on which I stamped the Imps base to facilitate their integration.











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Both maybe, If I can manage to keep the Scarab in balance without fixing it to the branches.

I'll try to build the tree so that the claws will hook in both ways.


By the way, I worked on the tree last night. I used thinner wires to make some twigs.

I also added the scimitar beside the dead Imp, assuming he fell when the demon died.







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The next step was to make some thinner twigs that can be used to fix some leaves on the branches ends. To do this, I used the strands of a bare electric wire. I rolled the strands around the wires making sure they will exceed from the tips of the branches.







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Man, this is looking incredibly cool. My two favorite parts are the beetle (of course), and interestingly, the tree. I can definitely see how it's going to match your original inspiration, and now I want to make a tree monster based off of the same kind of tree. Man, these forums are too freaking inspiring. I'm never going to have any free time ever again. o.o

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The first layer of Green Stuff is complete now. I also thickened the trunk at its base because it didn‘t look proportional.

I’ll start painting the Scarab and Imps tonight as the green stuff take some time to harden.


Like you said Paheej, Coleoptera are captivating insects and I’m fascinated by variety of their coloration.

I’m happy my work is inspiring you Mrs. Fizzes, building the tree was not too hard, but it takes time and patience.

The important part is to fun with you project.















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Last night, I started painting the base colors on the models.

A dark brown wash was then applied on the Imps.

The Scarab was given two red and a brown wash over its orange/brown base color.


As you can see I use old paint bottles to fix the models while I'm painting them.

These are vintage 1987 Ral Partha paint bottles. :;):





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