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Games Workshop - 5000+ Pts Space marine Army - please read why...


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Hello everyone,


Before ya lynch me for posting a GW army on the Reaper forums, let me explain. When I started out painting miniatures 3 years ago, I started with a boxed set from GW and to be honest I didn't even know about Reaper minis because I wasn't into the fantasy side of things (Which I believe Reaper is very heavy in) and my local retailer did not stock Reaper....


Well after painting all these figures, I am starting to branch out into D and D fantasy type figures which led me to Reaper. I just painted the Village of Kullhaven Townsfolk set from Reaper and love the miniatures. I plan on continuing painting my GW armies, but I also plan on painting more and more Reaper minis, especially because I am a "Vampire" supporter of the Bones Kick starter program :wub:


Anyhoo, this is my history in painting over the past 3 years, I also have a same sized Ork Army (same points but WAY more figures), I hope you enjoy the painting for what it is even though it is not a Reaper miniatures product. However, all the techniques I have learned and honed along the way using GW products will now also be applied to Reaper :)



please have a look at the HD video here.....


Any comments here or on the tube is appreciated!

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Before ya lynch me for posting a GW army on the Reaper forums, let me explain.
Don't worry about it, GW already has punished you enough now that 6th is out :;): .


Really like the Apothecary welding open the fallen marine 's chest. Also liked the dirt on the treads of the vehicles.

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This forum is VERY friendly about any and all things miniatures. GW is the one that says it's gotta be GW only... cuz it's the "Games Workshop Hobby" ... yeeeah right.


Yup, I've got SM's, Orks, Tyranids, IG, DE, and a few fantasy armies as well. It's what my friends were doing when I started. It was game GW or nothing...


Still, my love is now Reaper!


Anyway, knew I'd be in for a treat when I saw the Orc had his shoota drilled out.


What are the odds that you can post just plain piccies? I really like browsing through piccies faster than the video plays. Either way, thanks for sharing!

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