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I too would love to see giant grunts (both fire and frost), but as others have asked for, I think hill giants are likely coming first. Though as you alluded to, grunts would provide ample reason for multiple pledges at the same level...


And not-driders, I want those too!

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Are we allowed to have one of these? Where we debate and dream about what's clawing at the ceiling of it's grave under those headstones?

if we aren't, this'll probably just get rolled up into the kickstarter conversation thread, so oh well!

What do we all think is coming in the next secret stretch goals?

My money is on a force of human soldiers, since we've gotten orcs, elves and dwarves. Seems to me like the next logical step.

But what about that funky square-ish grave marker? Who has a theory of what's in that thing?


And we can't forget about that menacing sepulcher looming on the horizon - what wonders does that moldering tomb hold?

The most popular Warlord faction in all Bones? Bones buildings? CAV Bones? A Sophie theme park!?

Share your theories, or if the staff tell us not to, then uh... don't, I guess.




If we got bones Mouselings this far into the race, I think I'd telekinetically set my house on fire with rage...

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Well, pre-Klockenbooty reveal, I speculated that the next free level would be 4-5 halflings, clerics or thieves. I was wrong that time, but I still think they're in the pipeline somewhere. Now I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Sandra Garrity level too.


As for the $ levels, I can't even guess anymore, other than the driders I'm still waiting for...


I would love to hear the speculation of others. I'm not worried about disappointment. This is Reaper. I wasn't in love with the elves, but I was happy to get hem.

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Eh, impossible to be disappointed at this point. I mean, it stops today, it's what? 93 minis at Vampire level plus some great plus options? Can't beat that with a stick.


I'm guessing they'll continue the extra minis / plus option alternation, and I'm guessing the dragon-shaped one is some kind of, well… dragon. But other than that, haven't a clue. I don't even have a wild guess about the mausoleum.... Warlord boxed set in Bones plastic maybe? I know, lame guess, but it's all I've got.

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I'm still waiting to decide what exactly I want to pledge for, but I've alreaedy accepted that it's going to be a couple $. I will guess/hope for a set of civilians. I can see cheap civilians being a great item for Bones. GM's always need tavern keepers, politicians, and innocent victims for their players to encounter, right? Whatever comes down the pike, the list of goodies is already incredible!

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