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What does everyone think about the Reaper's IP.Board forums? Especially compared to other forums you have utilized? Personally I've just been impressed by the overall "cleanliness" and feel, and was thinking of converting my own site from WordPress to IP.Board+CMS.


However I'm wondering if the average user feels its as easy to use as I think it is.


Additionally does anyone know if other parts of the Reaper site are also using the IP software? Or are they using something else for the other parts of the site?

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My only complaint is that my mobile devices don't like the login pop-up, so can comment while on my phone. With my luck there's probably a mobile version of the page and I don't know about it.


Interesting, it looks like it has built in mobile support . . .



Don't understand why it would be giving you a problem.

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I have no problems on my GB..now ICS device Barry. About the only issue I have is that the mobile view requires me to sometimes reload for it to kick in. I've simply switched the theme and toggle if I am on my phone or laptop.


The tab is at the bottom of the forum. Change themes. Switch to mobile. Login is much easier.

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